3 Dirty Things in Your House That Could Be Making You Sick

There are many possible reasons why you’re constantly feeling under the weather, but what you might not have considered is that the culprit might be right in your home. If you want to keep your house hygienic, you can start with taking a look at these things:

Computer Keyboards
Dirt and bacteria can find many places to hide, and one common place is your computer keyboard. Researchers have found that work desktops have 21,000 germs per square inch, compared with 49 germs per square inch on office toilet seats. In addition to your desk and phone, things that make you sick can include your computer’s keyboard, a likely place to pick up germs, since you touch it so often. To stay healthy at your desk, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your mouth and nose, and use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your keyboard. Source: EverydayHealth

Old Furniture
Do you have a favorite chair? Or a favorite pillow? Have you had your mattress for a long time? These may be places where dust mites live and wreak havoc with your system. Dust mites are microscopic bugs that thrive on the humidity and warmth provided by our bodies—and they live in every home, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But for someone who has asthma and allergies, they can set off a reaction that is uncomfortable and debilitating.

Solution: Wash your sheets and towels weekly in hot water and make sure they’re thoroughly dried. Vacuum and dust weekly to rid your environment of them in carpets, curtains, and furniture. May says most important is to encase your mattress and pillows in covers designed to keep dust mites from getting through.

Note: All people have dust mites in their home, but not all people have symptoms from them. Your need to deal with the issue will depend on whether or not you or someone in your household is suffering symptoms. Source: HuffingtonPost

Vacuum Cleaner
Although your vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to tackle dust bunnies in the bedroom, if you are using a vacuum without a HEPA filter, you could be sucking up dust, pollen, dirt and grime, only to have it spray right back out into your bedroom air. Look for a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters that contain even the smallest particles, and if the vacuum uses bags, make sure those are made from HEPA material as well. Source: TheSpruce

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