3 Tips for a Clean Home Office

Working from home is a growing trend due to the number of benefits it offers not just the employee, but also the employer. A home office is often required so that you can focus your attention on your task despite being at home. Keep your home office free from distractions and clutter when you follow these tips:

Clean your electronics
Fortunately, it’s a simple fix. Head to your local office supply store, pick up some wipes that are specifically made for electronics, and make it a point to wipe down your keyboard and monitor daily. Not only will it keep dust and debris from gumming up your computer, but it also helps keep germs at bay. Source: Home.HowStuffWorks

Pick three things and throw them out
We’ll start our home office organization with something easy just to get you in the mood and clear some space. There’s probably a lot more than just three things either on your desk or scattered around your home office that can go from your workspace right to the trash or recycling bin.

Come on, look closely. Do you really need those old magazines? That pen that doesn’t work? Those used snack pudding containers?

Yeesh! Get rid of them!

Feels good, doesn’t it? You don’t need to stop at just three things. If you see more obvious candidates for the trash, throw them out, too. Source: TheBalance

Refrain from displaying things you don’t need
Your home office will be at the peak of organization if you not only tidy what is in your office, but also remember what you should keep out. Follow this simple rule: if it’s not current, store it somewhere else in your home. You home office should only before for projects happening right now, and bills and papers that are of this year. Source: StyleAtHome

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