4 Tips on Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Cars can get messy, especially if you’re travelling with kids or pets. Because we spend a lot of time in our cars, we should keep them organized. To avoid additional stress caused by a messy car, check out the following tips to keep your car interior clean:

Keep a trash bag in the car
Why it’s effective: Get either a small trash can or just a trash bag and keep it in your car. It keeps your junk from falling into the tiny cracks around the seats, or from rolling under the seats, and generally getting where you’re too lazy to clean. Source: Jalopnik

Keep cup holders clean with cupcake liners
Cup holders can get messy, filling up with crumbs, toys and food wrappers. But just insert silicone cup cake liners inside to catch everything—when they get dirty, take them out and give them a rinse! Source: WomansDay

Get organized
Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that accumulates inside your car’s interior? Get an organizer. Available at many big-box retail outlets as well as auto parts retailers, you can find car organizers that fit behind the driver or passenger seats, on the floor or in a cargo hold. Fit anything you need on a regular basis, such as kids’ toys for commutes, cell phone chargers or media adapters, and tissues, and remove anything else from the car. Make sure to regularly remove any items that don’t fit in the organizer to help keep clutter to a minimum. Source: AngiesList

Create a glove box command center
When you have dedicated file folders for important papers, you’ll never rifle for receipts or your registration again. Source: GoodHousekeeping

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