How to Clean 3 Common Post-Valentine’s Day Upholstery Stains

Spending Valentine’s Day at home is one of the best options for people who want a cozy date. Don’t let your fear of staining the upholstery hold you back from making the most out of the night. Here are some simple steps to remove three of the most common post-Valentine’s Day stains:


  1. Blot up as much of the spilled wine as possible.
  2. Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cool water.
  3. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution.
  4. Blot until the liquid is absorbed.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until the stain disappears.
  6. Sponge with cold water and blot dry. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Grab that dull knife or spoon and lift away as much chocolate as you can. Unless your couch is silk (if it is, just call a professional), mix one tablespoon dish washing detergent with two cups cold water. Work from the outside of the stain toward the center sponging the solution with a clean white cloth.
Use a dry cloth to blot away the moisture and repeat until the stain is gone. Do one final sponge with clear water and allow to air dry. Source: Laundry.About

Candle Wax

  1. Allow the spilled wax to harden. You can speed up this process by filling a plastic bag with ice cubes and holding it on the stain. Don’t try to wipe the wax up before it sets or you will just spread it around, creating a larger problem.
  2. Remove as much excess wax as possible once it is hardened. This can be done with any blunt, flat-edged implement, such as a butter knife or spatula. Simply chip the wax away until you have removed as much as possible.
  3. Place a piece of absorbent material such as a paper towel on the stain. Set your iron to a medium heat and gently iron over the paper towel. As the heat from the iron melts the wax, the paper towel absorbs it. As soon as you see the wax absorbing into the paper towel, replace it with a fresh sheet to prevent inadvertently ironing the wax back onto the sofa. Repeat with fresh sheets of paper towel until the stain is gone. Source: SFGate

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5 Areas You Usually Forget to Clean

It’s hard to find the time to clean your home when you work 40+ hours every week. And when you do get the chance to clean, you may often try to do it quickly to save time and effort.  This can result in areas you often overlook or forget to clean. Here are some examples:

Chances are you dust the shelves but skip the books. Don’t. Left untouched for years on end, paper deteriorates at a faster rate. Once a year, remove the books from the shelves and dust them along the spines and tops, making sure to flip through the pages; this discourages paper deterioration. Source: MarthaStewart

Behind and Underneath Furniture
Move heavy furniture and vacuum the dust collecting behind or underneath your bed, sofa, or other bulky pieces in your home. Source: PopSugar

Outdoor Lights
These things go through it all — winter, summer, spring and fall. Take down your fixtures and use a glass cleaner to clean the panels. It may also be a good time to replace your light bulbs. Source: HuffingtonPost

Washing Machine
Have your clothes lost that fresh scent after running through the wash? It’s time to clean your washing machine. While every machine is different, you can clean your washing machine in just one cycle. Try pouring a mix of white vinegar with baking soda into your washer, and run the cycle on hot. You can also keep your washing machine extra clean by leaving the lid or door open between uses. Source: RealEstate.USNews

Light Switches and Door Knobs
Items you touch every day should be treated like any other high-traffic area of your home.
Keep germs at bay by cleaning light switches, door knobs and doors. Source: AngiesList

If you commonly forget to clean these areas – you’re not alone!  Maximize your time outside of work by calling us to clean your house for you!


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Cleaning With Love Professionals Cleaning a Living Room

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner

Why hire someone to clean for you when you can do it yourself? You may have asked yourself this question, and this may be the only thing keeping you from hiring a cleaner for your home. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the best reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner.

Keeping Things Clean Saves Money in the Long Run
Your home is probably your single largest investment. Maintaining its surfaces is essential to maintaining its overall value. Tiles, countertops, furniture, floors, walls, baseboards, and built-ins–all of these surfaces need regular cleaning to stay fresh. The longer you allow dirt and oils to build up on these surfaces, the more likely you are to need severe actions, such as sanding and refinishing, to undo the damage.
If you don’t provide maintenance, you risk incurring higher costs for repair or replacement later on. Regular cleanings prevent wear and tear from progressing much faster than it normally would. Source: Porch

You Work Full Time
After a busy 9-5, using your time off from work to clean the house depletes your energy and limits your availability to enjoy other activities. You might not need a daily housekeeper, but having someone clean once or twice a month will give you more time to do the things you enjoy or need get done.
Jennifer Thomas, a clinical psychologist and single mom from Minneapolis, Minn. says that without the help of her housekeeper, she would get less done and get much less sleep: “I have a housekeeper to free up my limited time to do important activities with my son and also take care of myself: doing yoga, walking outside, reading and spending time with friends and family.” Source: Care

It’ll Be Cleaner if Someone Else Does It, Really
You might think you have high standards when it comes to cleaning, but in reality you just want that job done so you can move onto something more interesting and less about, well cleaning. More often than not, you’ll be halfway through cleaning the oven and think, ‘Close enough’ because let’s face it, it is looking better than when you started. But your cleaner will push through those last five minutes of scrubbing and you know why – because they want to do a good job for you because you’ve entrusted this job to them. It is their job, their livelihood and they have pride in their work just like you do. And reality is, you won’t be happy to keep paying them if they don’t do a solid job. So like the best Olympians pushing through the pain in striving for gold, your cleaner will too. Source: KidSpot

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How to Improve and Maintain Air Quality in your Home or Office

Here are some ideas to keep the air hygiene of your home at optimal levels:

  • Declutter: Living in an open space free of many knickknacks and trinkets allows easy flow of air.
  • Ventilation: Open your window for just 5 minutes each day to let fresh oxygen in.
  • Green Plants: They self-produce oxygen. Lucky bamboo is beautiful, small and very easy to maintain with just a change of water once every 5 days.
  • Himalayan Lamp: This beautiful lamp with natural warm glow has the incredible power to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air, thus cleansing and deodorizing air at the same time.
  • HEPA Filter Vacuum: HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter vacuums trap 99.97% of dust compared to conventional vacuums that only trap 50%.
  • Cleaning Service: If you do not have time to maintain your home regularly, hiring a professional cleaning company to dust and refresh your property weekly will save you tremendous headache. Then, you can enjoy your living space with loved ones sooner. Call our experts to request a free estimate and book your first clean.

All the best on your journey in creating a fresh air oasis!

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Home Cleaning Service for Vancouver Realtors

Mark: Hi, it's Mark from Top Local. We're here with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning with Love. They're a Vancouver, BC, Canada's highest rated cleaning company. How are you doing Mo?

Mo: Hey, Mark. I'm doing excellent. Thanks for asking.

Mark: We're going to talk about a service you offer for Vancouver realtors. What's going on here?

Mo: We noticed there is a big need for reputable, good cleaning companies that could deliver the job well. The cleaner that realtors don't have to micro-manage the cleaners, which is important. First time, when we get a call from them, this is what they ask, "Are you a professional company? We just want the job done right? A quality job, done right. We don't have the time to micro-manage." That's where we come in, we take care of all the backend. We have a team of 25 people, backend office people, so there's never a shortage of backend work or service when they call us.

Mark: Is that really the benefit of hiring a professional company over Craigslist or somebody trying to do it themselves?

Mo: I always have a motto, "You can drive a Ferrari, or you can drive a Hyundai. Both will get you there. But how do you want to drive, how do you want the experience to feel when you get there, is totally on your part." When you ask yourself, "How much is your time is worth to you?" How much is your time worth if the job doesn't get done right? Now you're trying to call back the independent cleaning crew, which, they don't answer, they don't pickup, or they just don't care. They don't have the time, energy, or the manpower to rectify the situation. One simple question, "How much is your time worth to you?"

Mark: What's your realtor special for Vancouver?

Mo: Right now it's a great question. We do home cleaning, luxury home cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We got one room for free special, for all the realtors right now. To the end of the month, we have one room free. We'll come in, do one room as a carpet steam cleaning for free, or one hour for home cleaning as well.

Mark: Wow, that's pretty amazing. Are you really giving away one hour of free home cleaning? Or one room free?

Mo: Absolutely. We noticed our service is five-star service, and once people use us once, one room, they can't go back.

Mark: If you're a realtor in Vancouver, and your clients need to get their place cleaned up and this is a must in order to sell. We switch pretty quick in our market as you well know. If you're a realtor in Vancouver, you need every advantage you can to sell that house, these are the guys to call. Cleaning with Love. You can check out their website or call to book, (604) 475-5683. Thanks Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark.

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Yaletown Angel Maid Cleaning Testimonial

Hi, I just want to thank Cleaning with Love, Mo, Jo and the angels for doing such a great job cleaning my place. I have a pet here, they just come in and leave without me even knowing, while I’m at work, everything is beautiful, clean, safe for Charlie, who is very happy. They just the best cleaning service I could of asked for, so thank you guys. You guys are amazing, keep doing a wonderful job.

Dust Mites: How Does Cleaning With Love’s Service Help Control Them?

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local, we’re here with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning with Love in Vancouver, Vancouver’s highest rated carpet cleaning, residential home cleaning company. How’re you doing Mo?

Mo: Howdy Mark.

Mark: So we’re going to talk about dust mites today. How does Cleaning with Love’s service help control dust mites?

Mo: Well first… dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs that are found in your carpets and upholstery, furniture, finished upholstery and what they thrive on is dead skin cells from humans and dander from pets and the funny thing about these little creatures is the most, the bad thing about them, the number one thing about them is, each one, these dust mites have about 20 droppings a day and these droppings, the naked eye cannot see, can cause severe allergy and damage to your health. Some cases causing asthma, itchy eyes, itchy skin, runny nose and god knows what else, it does a lot of different things to different people so we got to be very careful how we be able to combat this. That’s why we’ve got the combat hat on.

Mark: So what do they look like?

Mo: They look like, good question, I’m going to show you a picture, a picture is worth a thousand words so, tell me if you see my screen Mark. They look like these little buggers, and you can see this gentlemen’s back, it looks hideous, ooh, just look at all these little bugs and creatures, ooh. Just gives me the willies looking at it. So there’s some pictures on how they look ad they don’t look too great. I just lost my appetite.

Mark: So how does Cleaning with Love help with dust mites?

Mo: Three simple steps - we have a hepa filter vacuum that has been proven to take out a lot of dust mites; second we use microfibre mops and microfibre high end clothes that does not cross contaminate, we use a different system that each rag once used goes into the dirty rag bag, so it’s not cross contaminating from one area to another; and third is hot water extraction steam cleaning that kills most allergens and even air borne bacteria out of the air.

Mark: So if you are looking for a cleaning company that are experts in making sure your house is really clean, not cross contaminating anything and making sure you have the least amount of dust mites possible, these are the guys to call - Cleaning with Love in Vancouver. Call to book at 604-475-5683 or check out their website Thanks Mo

Mo: Thank you sir.

Downtown Vancouver Carpet Cleaning Testimonial

Hi everyone, my name is Laura Guzman and I want to share my experience with Cleaning with Love. They were very, very helpful, I recently moved and I needed my carpet cleaned. I actually contacted them and they came with very little notice and they did an amazing job. I had stains in my carpet, I used to have a pet and they were able to clean it and get it all ready for the next person to take the apartment. So I want to thank them and I want to highly recommend their services.

Pet Friendly Cleaning Service Vancouver, BC

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation and we’re here with Mo Kumasi of Cleaning with Love in Vancouver, Vancouver’s highest rated cleaning and carpet cleaning company. How’re you doing Mo?

Mo: Hey Mark

Mark: So you guys claim that you are a pet friendly cleaning service. What does pet friendly mean?

Mo: Great question. All our products are safe for your pets, they’re all organic, natural products that won’t hurt your pets. Second where we differ, all our staff are pet friendly. We have a dog and a cat in the office and when we do interviews we one of our top questions is are you pet friendly? Do you love dogs or cats? Even if they are best suited for the job, they don’t like pets, unfortunately it’s not a good fit with our company.

Mark: So why are you guys pet friendly?

Mo: Good question, my partner and I love dogs and cats. We’ve got a dog and a cat in the office, at home and we believe that pets are people too. So we absolutely believe that. We want an environment and a culture to show that to others as well.

Mark: So can regular cleaning help my pets health?

Mo: Absolutely it can prolong your pets health, help the respiratory system and regular cleaning of their dishes and making sure it’s not cross contaminating with other things is absolutely essential. It can help in a big way with their health.

Mark: So if you’re looking for pet friendly cleaning from a company that really does care, Cleaning with Love, they live their name. Call to book 604-475-5683 or check out their website Thanks Mo

Mo: Thanks Mark.

What Causes Mold

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning With Love in Vancouver, Vancouver’s highest rated cleaning company. How’re you doing today Mo?

Mo: Hey Mark, how are you?

Mark: So we’re going to talk about mold. I’m great thank you for asking. Mold is kind of a scary subject, what causes mold?

Mo: Great question. Mold cannot live without oxygen, it can live without moisture so what cause mold; plain and simple a lot of moisture.

Mark: So is mold something I should be concerned about?

Mo: Absolutely. In mold in some cases have severe circumstances, they have severe illnesses and even causes death in black mold but we don’t want to go there. Mostly what mold can do is cause a skin rash, it can cause red eye, asthma attacks, so it depends on if you touch it or breathe it in you have to be very careful not to let it grow too big, sometimes it’s impossible to eradicate it.

Mark: So how do you guys help preventing mold in the first place?

Mo: Great question, so we don’t actually clean mold, we’re not mold specialists, we’re not certified to do mold. We do luxury housekeeping, house maintaining but what we do is get to the area’s you probably would not see. If you have a 5,000 square foot home, like many of our clients, you cannot see every crook and cranny, every corner of the house, what lies behind your furniture, all your window seals, are they all dry. When we clean your carpets we make sure we do the right job that’s steam cleaning it, not pressure cleaning it with water as you can see some other people might use too much water we just the right amount of steam. More importantly, we check on a regular cleaning to prevent mold, to prevent any sort of build up, even mildew buildup because our cleaners are trained to do a 35 point inspection in your house. So instead of prevention is the best cause, so if you look at the root of the problem as many people don’t have the time, the energy or they can’t get to all the places, the house is so big regularly.

Mark: So there you go, if you need an extra set of hands and eyes and people who are trained to look after your home and keep it mold free and not even let it get started, these are the guys to call in Vancouver, Cleaning with Love. You call to book at 604-475-5683 or check out their website Thanks a lot Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark.

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