Things You Have To Start Throwing Away This Upcoming New Year

Removing all the unnecessary items in your home can help clear your mind. This can lead you to focus more on achieving all the goals you’ve set for the new year. You can start by decluttering just a small corner, but don’t forget to dispose of the following:

Unnecessary receipts
A lot of us accumulate a ton of these little things, from restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, etc. But which of them do you really need to keep? As discussed earlier, unless they’re receipts for important purchases you may claim a warranty on, or receipts for reimbursement or expense records, you’re better off tossing them. Source: Business.Inquirer

Electronics cords
Ah, that tangle of mysterious cords most of us have hidden somewhere. If it’s growing into a giant, bizarre and wiry creature, it’s time to get organised. Chances are, many of these cords go to electronics you no longer have. Source: MSN

Gift accessories
Shopping bags, crinkled gift ribbon, and ripped wrapping paper: Toss it all. Nothing psychologically prevents you from enjoying a fresh start like Christmas-themed trash sticking around and cluttering up your home. Move onward!

Expired prescriptions
Take the new year as an opportunity to clean shop in your medicine cabinet. Get rid of prescriptions and over-the-counter pills that have expired or that you haven’t used in months, since it’s also unsafe to keep expired medicine around. Source: MyDomaine

Listen, folks: Spoiled, flaky makeup ain’t cute. In fact, cosmetics that have gone over can present a real health hazard, especially when it comes to eye products. According to Allure, the item you’ll want to toss most often is mascara, which has a shelf life of just two to three months. In fact, most eye products should be replaced within three months.

Cream foundations and lipsticks can last up to a year, while powders can hang around for up to two years (with the exception of powdered eye shadows, of course). Nail polish is trickier to pin down. It’s not going to spoil, but throw it out if the lacquer gets dry or clumpy. Source: DealNews

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3 Reasons to Switch to Green Cleaning

This new year, revamp your home cleaning game by switching to green products. There are so many benefits you can get from them and here are just a few:

Environmentally friendly
When you use many cleaning products, “harmful chemicals are being released into the environment,” says Reichert. Not great for you and the people around you to breathe in.

Changing to greener methods, “helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimizes your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals,” advises Snow. Many green products also use recyclable packaging which minimizes waste. Source: Care

Safer for the whole family
Warning! Flammable! Toxic! With labels like these on some conventional cleaning products, you get a pretty good idea that they aren’t really that safe. Many chemicals (e.g., chlorine and ammonia) when mixed together can be downright dangerous. Small children and pets are especially vulnerable due to higher exposure levels because of their size. Plus, household cleaning supplies are one of the top five substance classes accounting for calls to the National Poison Control Center according to its 2010 annual report. So, minimize your risk with green cleaning products that aren’t toxic or as dangerous! Source: TheSpruce

Natural cleaning solutions can also help save money by reducing a dependence on an expensive array of cleaning products, each of which are targeted to clean only one type of surface in our homes. A number of the key ingredients for natural cleaning are items commonly found in our kitchen cupboards. Lemon juice, baking soda and white vinegar are all ingredients that are used in green cleaning. These items are cheap to buy and can be used in cooking as well as cleaning so they also have multiple purposes! To add a splash of fragrance, add a small dose of essential oils to products – such a little amount is needed in the preparation that the cost works out very low and you can change the smell as and when you want to. Source: Inhabitat

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3 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

It’s the perfect time to give your house it’s much needed update, because what better way to welcome the New Year than with a clean home? The following tips can help give you a head start:

Put multiple liners on your trashcans
Apply this kitchen trick to every bathroom, office, or other areas with a wastebasket. Line the bin with four or five bags in one go, so the task of taking out the trash is exactly that. When you notice any one receptacle getting full, you can snatch the top bag on your way out of the room without needing to dig through the pantry for a replacement. Source: RealSimple

Clear the clutter
One of the best and least expensive ways to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter.

Each year most of us acquire a mountain of stuff. Without some regular purging, cabinets and drawers get jam-packed and it becomes hard to find the things you use and enjoy the most. (All that clutter also makes your house look dated and dirty, designers say.)

This year resolve to go room-by-room periodically clearing anything that you don’t use, wear or love and donate it to charity. After that, think twice about what you bring in, says Antoinette Nue, an Atlanta consultant who specializes in helping people simplify and go green.

“Fill your home with the things that raise your energy level and make you feel good, and get rid of the things that drain your energy or are broken,” she says. Source: HGTV

Clean the bathroom once a week
“Scrubbing the bathroom isn’t high on most people’s chore list, but trust me, cleaning it regularly makes the job so much less gross—and so much less time-consuming,” Kerr says. Steady maintenance helps keep mildew, mold, bacteria, and soap-scum from building up, so regular cleaning is quick, easy, and much less daunting. Source: People

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3 Holiday Cleanup Tips

The time you dedicated in preparing for the holidays must now also be the same as the time you have to dedicate for cleaning up. Make the task easier by following these tips:

Tackle carpet and furniture stains right away
The longer they set, the more difficult they will be to remove. If you spot any, use a spray bottle to lightly apply a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Blot with a paper towel and continue spraying and blotting until the stain is removed. Rinse with clear water and blot again. Fluff the pile and allow it to dry. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Take the holiday mailing box challenge
Have mailing boxes piled up as holiday gifts arrived? Sure, you could recycle or reuse them, but for maximum end-of-year clutter-cutting, take the Holiday Mailing Box Challenge!

Your goal: to fill every seasonal mailing box with items suitable for donation to Goodwill or a similar recycler for used household items, and deliver them to charity before year’s end.

Using stacked-up mailing boxes as a yardstick, the Holiday Mailing Box Challenge a good way to be sure that holiday gifts don’t create more clutter in the home.

By filling all mailing boxes with donation candidates, you’ll keep clutter down when adding holiday gifts. Source: OrganizedHome

Learn the difference between right away and in a day
You will save yourself a lot of energy if you break down the tasks into manageable chunks. Remove the stress of the post-holiday cleanup by deciding what must be done now and what can wait. Cleaning your kitchen must be done now, while making your guest bed with freshly laundered sheets can probably wait. Source: BuildDirect

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3 Great Holiday Decorating Ideas

Find out how you can make your home look festive in time for your Christmas Eve party by checking out the following tips.

Garlands, Garlands, Everywhere
It’s difficult to overdo it on that classic winter decoration, the garland of evergreen. Add some visual interest by weaving in pinecones, strips of thick ribbon, or bright seasonal berries. Whether hung over doorways, draped between shelves, or wrapped around a dining table centerpiece, there’s space for this fragrant favorite anywhere. Source: TraditionalHome

Create a Warm Welcome
Our favorite way to light up any season is a brilliant array of paper luminaries. Line them up along your front walkway, along your driveway, or scatter them on your porch for a bright, twinkling Christmas display that’s so simple and affordable to pull off. You can buy premade luminaries in bulk online, or make your own using white paper bags, pebbles, and battery-powered LED candle lights. After gathering your supplies, place a handful of pebbles in the bottom of your paper bag so it is less likely to blow away or fall over. Using your fingers, clear a place for the LED light (turned on) to rest.  Wait until its dark out, and you have a glowing luminary to light up your drive. Source: SouthernLiving

Include Flowers
Add color and fragrance to your Christmas tree by trimming it with flowers. You can create a garland of dried flowers that you drape around your tree, or simply stick fresh cut flowers randomly throughout your Christmas tree’s ornaments. They’ll add a nice hint of fragrance, as well as unexpected colors and textures to your traditional ornaments and lights. Your local florist should be able to help you find the perfect variety for your color scheme and budget. They may even throw in a few extra water tubes if you tell them about your modern idea and how you plan to use the flowers. Just be aware that fresh flowers will likely only last a day or two, so consider adding them right before you throw a holiday party or on Christmas Eve. Source: Home.HowStuffWorks

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4 Tips on Hosting a Great Party

Holidays are all about spending time with the people you love. One of the fun yet intimate ways to do that is to just talk about what’s going on in each other’s’ lives. If you are stepping up to be the host of the party, then you should be sure to remember the following:

Clean up beforehand
The day of the party, get the public areas of the house tidied up and don’t forget that the bathroom will need to be well stocked with fresh hand towels and the like. If you’re putting a bedroom to use a coat closet, make sure it’s presentable. Keep the lights off and doors closed to the rest of the house to signal to your guests they are off limits. Source: HGTV

Make a plan
Make a plan. Use a blank calendar, mark the day of the party, then fill in the days before with things that need to be done, even the most mundane like cleaning the house, selecting music, grocery shopping. Decide how many people, what kind of party (sit-down, buffet) and then gather your recipes. Make a shopping list and don’t forget the nonfood items, such as napkins, paper towels, candles, etc. Here’s a quick guide to help you with your shopping and planning. Source: EatingWell

Cook smart
Choosing a high-maintenance menu when hosting a dinner party is not the way to go. Try to steer clear of dishes that require too much babysitting to get to the table. Menu items like risotto or other dishes that require constant stirring or checking means you’ll be stuck at the stove and miss all the fun. Think of it like this: If you can’t chat and sip a glass of wine while you make it, it’s not worth it. Source: FoodNetwork

Hire a babysitter if there will be kids in attendance. The sitter can keep an eye on the little ones in another room while the adult guests relax at the party worry-free thanks to your smart thinking! Source: PopSugar

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3 Things Guests Will Notice When They Come Over

If you decide to throw a holiday party, you’ll be having guests over to your home.  And with that comes the responsibility of making your house look presentable. Impress your family and friends with your cleaning prowess by not overlooking the following areas:

Shower curtain liner
If your guests are staying overnight or long enough that they’ll plan to use your shower, they will definitely notice if there is any grimy weirdness on your shower curtain liner that you haven’t dealt with yet when they get in. So, before guests arrive, be sure to clean the liner—or replace it, if it’s about that time. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Guests have sensitive noses. They can smell the fact that you pan-fried salmon the night before, the fact that your dog skipped his last bath, the spilt kitty litter tray and the fact that you’re using incense or potpourri as a decoy to mask something far less savoury. Even worse, they have a uncanny ability to pick up on smells that not even your nose can detect. To neutralise the odour and make the room fresh again, use an aroma diffuser with essential oils, light a scented candle, or simmer a pot of citrus peel and cinnamon an hour before your guest arrives. And don’t forget to vacuum any stray pet hair while you’re at it. Source: Domain

Let’s move on to the place where all the magic happens–the kitchen. Having a clean kitchen in general is important in and of itself, but there are a few key elements that guests will undoubtedly notice about this room. The first thing is the refrigerator. This is the unit that houses all the food your guests are about to enjoy, so if it’s grimy or if they can smell your week-old can of tuna that’s been sitting in there, chances are they aren’t going to feel too good about the food you’re making. Make sure you spot clean any spills you might have and keep a box of baking soda in there to eliminate any unpleasant odours. Source: Homify

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3 Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Why spend money on a staycation in a 5 star hotel if you can make your own home look like one? Check out the following tips:

Organize your space
Spaces— no matter how big or small— are always well-organized in a hotel. There are book cases, tables and shelves that look as though an interior designer outfitted them with the perfect knick knacks, and that’s because there was a designer who organized them.

You may not have a designer to arrange the space in your home, but you can certainly take a cue from them. Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. You will notice that when a room is well-designed, everything has a home and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.

Use baskets and decorative bowls to hide the clutter. Shelves are used as methods to display collections. Side tables hold pretty vases and lamps. Chairs are set up in groupings to allow for conversation. Source: Freshome

Do your things fit the look you’re going for?
It’s easy to collect things we like, but don’t always love. It usually happens when there’s a sale sign around or someone gifts you something that although pretty, isn’t quite your taste. Examine your room from the viewpoint of a paying customer. If you wouldn’t pay to spend a night in a room in your house, make changes! Declutter, add lighting, dim lighting down or thrown open the curtains! Source: ApartmentTherapy

Add flowers or greenery
As always, the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your room from “average” to “expensive-looking” is to add some greenery. What form this takes is up to you: A large fern? Small potted plants on your dresser? No matter how, adding a few plants helps a room make the final leap to luxury. Source: ElleDecor

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3 Living Room Organizational Tips

Don’t let a cluttered space be added to your daily worries. Keep your living room neat and tidy by following these great tips:

Organize cords
Until the world goes wireless, we’ll forever be stuck with tangled cables behind our entertainment centers. Fortunately, there are several options for taming cords in the family room. The most attractive is the slim Cableyoyo. It neatly coils up to six feet of cord and comes with an adhesive backing that sticks onto nearly any surface. A cable caddy usually sticks onto a desktop (or behind the TV console) and has a space for several cables to clamp into. Your cords will still dangle freely, however, so a cable zipper, which encloses all the cables in a tube, might be the best bet. Source: HGTV

Arrange your book collection
Back in the day most bigger houses had libraries. Today most people’s abodes combine the living room with the library. Clear clutter by keeping your book collection neat and arranging bookshelves so that they can accommodate typical living room staples like magazines and other reading materials. Source: TheSpruce

Use furniture that doubles up as storage
Another option is to choose a storage ottoman or bench, either as your coffee table or as an extra seat tucked away beneath a console. You can store media, games, magazines and even shoes inside. The key is to use it to hide the things that usually look messy when strewn all over your living room. If that means you use drawer organizers inside your ottoman and keep junk-drawer stuff in there, so be it!

And of course, for those with kiddos, the storage ottoman makes an ideal toy box. Regularly rotating the toys you store there will keep the little ones interested and make it less likely they will bring tons of toys in from their own rooms. And when they inevitably do bring in more toys? The next strategy will help with that. Source: Houzz

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Pantry Organization Tips

Wasting time on trying to find the ingredient you’re looking for may be the last thing you want to have happen on a busy Monday morning. Keep your pantry clean and orderly by doing the following tips:

Disorganize to reorganize
The first step in pantry organization is to empty the shelves. (It will be worth it. We promise.) Toss anything expired, donate what you don’t need, and sort the rest by type. By pulling everything out of the pantry, you can evaluate what you have, which will determine how you configure your storage. Plus, when you eliminate items, you’ll free up more space in your pantry. Source: BHG

Keep things within reach
Avoid having your family members mess up your painstakingly-organized pantry by making the most-used items easy to find on one shelf or area. “Keep the items they eat on a regular basis accessible so they don’t have to move things around,” Gordon says. Source: RealSimple

Display commonly used items in open shelves
If you’re really strapped for space, it may not be possible to keep all of your pantry staples out of sight. Invest in tasteful containers for a few frequently used ingredients—then put them on display on open shelving. Source: Delish

Take 10 minutes every day
A few everyday tasks that take just a few minutes — like wiping down pantry shelves, keeping package labels facing outward and visible, grouping like items together, and tossing expired items — will leave you with an always-tidy pantry. Source: TheKitchn

Use clear containers
Seeing is essential. In a well-organized pantry it’s important that things are visible. We advise putting dry goods (sugar, flour, etc.) into clear containers to give you a quick visual of how much of any one item is left.  Source: ElleDecor

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