3 Things Guests Will Notice When They Come Over

If you decide to throw a holiday party, you’ll be having guests over to your home.  And with that comes the responsibility of making your house look presentable. Impress your family and friends with your cleaning prowess by not overlooking the following areas:

Shower curtain liner
If your guests are staying overnight or long enough that they’ll plan to use your shower, they will definitely notice if there is any grimy weirdness on your shower curtain liner that you haven’t dealt with yet when they get in. So, before guests arrive, be sure to clean the liner—or replace it, if it’s about that time. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Guests have sensitive noses. They can smell the fact that you pan-fried salmon the night before, the fact that your dog skipped his last bath, the spilt kitty litter tray and the fact that you’re using incense or potpourri as a decoy to mask something far less savoury. Even worse, they have a uncanny ability to pick up on smells that not even your nose can detect. To neutralise the odour and make the room fresh again, use an aroma diffuser with essential oils, light a scented candle, or simmer a pot of citrus peel and cinnamon an hour before your guest arrives. And don’t forget to vacuum any stray pet hair while you’re at it. Source: Domain

Let’s move on to the place where all the magic happens–the kitchen. Having a clean kitchen in general is important in and of itself, but there are a few key elements that guests will undoubtedly notice about this room. The first thing is the refrigerator. This is the unit that houses all the food your guests are about to enjoy, so if it’s grimy or if they can smell your week-old can of tuna that’s been sitting in there, chances are they aren’t going to feel too good about the food you’re making. Make sure you spot clean any spills you might have and keep a box of baking soda in there to eliminate any unpleasant odours. Source: Homify

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3 Ways to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Why spend money on a staycation in a 5 star hotel if you can make your own home look like one? Check out the following tips:

Organize your space
Spaces— no matter how big or small— are always well-organized in a hotel. There are book cases, tables and shelves that look as though an interior designer outfitted them with the perfect knick knacks, and that’s because there was a designer who organized them.

You may not have a designer to arrange the space in your home, but you can certainly take a cue from them. Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. You will notice that when a room is well-designed, everything has a home and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.

Use baskets and decorative bowls to hide the clutter. Shelves are used as methods to display collections. Side tables hold pretty vases and lamps. Chairs are set up in groupings to allow for conversation. Source: Freshome

Do your things fit the look you’re going for?
It’s easy to collect things we like, but don’t always love. It usually happens when there’s a sale sign around or someone gifts you something that although pretty, isn’t quite your taste. Examine your room from the viewpoint of a paying customer. If you wouldn’t pay to spend a night in a room in your house, make changes! Declutter, add lighting, dim lighting down or thrown open the curtains! Source: ApartmentTherapy

Add flowers or greenery
As always, the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your room from “average” to “expensive-looking” is to add some greenery. What form this takes is up to you: A large fern? Small potted plants on your dresser? No matter how, adding a few plants helps a room make the final leap to luxury. Source: ElleDecor

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3 Living Room Organizational Tips

Don’t let a cluttered space be added to your daily worries. Keep your living room neat and tidy by following these great tips:

Organize cords
Until the world goes wireless, we’ll forever be stuck with tangled cables behind our entertainment centers. Fortunately, there are several options for taming cords in the family room. The most attractive is the slim Cableyoyo. It neatly coils up to six feet of cord and comes with an adhesive backing that sticks onto nearly any surface. A cable caddy usually sticks onto a desktop (or behind the TV console) and has a space for several cables to clamp into. Your cords will still dangle freely, however, so a cable zipper, which encloses all the cables in a tube, might be the best bet. Source: HGTV

Arrange your book collection
Back in the day most bigger houses had libraries. Today most people’s abodes combine the living room with the library. Clear clutter by keeping your book collection neat and arranging bookshelves so that they can accommodate typical living room staples like magazines and other reading materials. Source: TheSpruce

Use furniture that doubles up as storage
Another option is to choose a storage ottoman or bench, either as your coffee table or as an extra seat tucked away beneath a console. You can store media, games, magazines and even shoes inside. The key is to use it to hide the things that usually look messy when strewn all over your living room. If that means you use drawer organizers inside your ottoman and keep junk-drawer stuff in there, so be it!

And of course, for those with kiddos, the storage ottoman makes an ideal toy box. Regularly rotating the toys you store there will keep the little ones interested and make it less likely they will bring tons of toys in from their own rooms. And when they inevitably do bring in more toys? The next strategy will help with that. Source: Houzz

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Pantry Organization Tips

Wasting time on trying to find the ingredient you’re looking for may be the last thing you want to have happen on a busy Monday morning. Keep your pantry clean and orderly by doing the following tips:

Disorganize to reorganize
The first step in pantry organization is to empty the shelves. (It will be worth it. We promise.) Toss anything expired, donate what you don’t need, and sort the rest by type. By pulling everything out of the pantry, you can evaluate what you have, which will determine how you configure your storage. Plus, when you eliminate items, you’ll free up more space in your pantry. Source: BHG

Keep things within reach
Avoid having your family members mess up your painstakingly-organized pantry by making the most-used items easy to find on one shelf or area. “Keep the items they eat on a regular basis accessible so they don’t have to move things around,” Gordon says. Source: RealSimple

Display commonly used items in open shelves
If you’re really strapped for space, it may not be possible to keep all of your pantry staples out of sight. Invest in tasteful containers for a few frequently used ingredients—then put them on display on open shelving. Source: Delish

Take 10 minutes every day
A few everyday tasks that take just a few minutes — like wiping down pantry shelves, keeping package labels facing outward and visible, grouping like items together, and tossing expired items — will leave you with an always-tidy pantry. Source: TheKitchn

Use clear containers
Seeing is essential. In a well-organized pantry it’s important that things are visible. We advise putting dry goods (sugar, flour, etc.) into clear containers to give you a quick visual of how much of any one item is left.  Source: ElleDecor

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4 Party Cleaning Tips That You Need to Know

Reunions and get-togethers usually happen during the holiday season. If you’ll be holding one at your place, taking note of the following tips can definitely make your post-party cleanup easier.

Use Tablecloths
Tablecloths don’t just look pretty, they prevent a table from getting spilled on and stained. You can fold it up and toss it in the wash after the party (or you can opt for a disposable one and just toss it in the trash). Source: AOL

Cleaning Starts Before the Party
Make cleaning up after your bash easier and faster by battening down the hatches beforehand. Initially, close doors to rooms you don’t want guests to visit (your bedroom). Store valuable or fragile items in the off-limits rooms.

Put paper towels and cloths in easy-to-grab locations so you can wipe up spills immediately. Set out two garbage bins–one for trash and one for recycling, and label them. This encourages your guests to clean up after themselves, making less work for you later.

When setting up food and drink, designate a surface for each. That way, alcohol spills and crumbs won’t travel far. Source: TheSpruce

Entertain Your Guests in One Place 
Don’t let the party spread, otherwise you’ll spend all night hunting down half-empty wine glasses and dirty dishes. Keep doors locked or spaces decoratively blocked off to encourage company from wandering. Set up the party where you know guests will feel most comfortable. Source: GoodHousekeeping

Use Disposable Dishware

  • If you’re serving food at your party, don’t serve it using your household plates. Instead, purchase some inexpensive plastic or paper plates so that you don’t have to wash an endless load of dishes after people go home.
  • There are many attractive and recyclable disposable dish products available, so go for one that suits your aesthetic taste.
  • If you’re having a fancy dinner party and want real plates, consider renting them from a party rental company. Some companies will provide you with plates and pick them up afterwards so you don’t have to clean them yourself. Source: YellowPages

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Dust At Home

Have you noticed dust accumulating on the surfaces inside your home even though you clean all the time? The problem probably lies in how you clean. Here are some ways to make sure that you eliminate dust the next time you clean.

Blinds need cleaning too
Don’t think that you’ve solved your dust dilemma just because you’ve exchanged fabric window treatments for blinds. Dust is drawn to blinds like moths to a flame, so you should clean them on a regular basis. Source: BobVila

Ban shoes inside (but offer slippers)
More than half of household dust enters your home through windows, doors, vents and on the soles of your shoes. Think about where you walk all day long (restrooms, city streets, construction sites, etc.) and all the bacteria and debris your shoes collect. Do you really want to track that inside? An EPA study of homes where a doormat was added at the entrance and shoes were banned indoors showed a 60 percent reduction of lead dust and other contaminants in the home, as well as a significant reduction of allergens and bacteria.

Your first line of defense should be a coarse-fiber heavy-duty doormat placed outside exterior doors. Inside, have everyone remove shoes at the door. Keep a bench, a shoe rack and a basket of cheap slippers available so no one has to walk around in their stocking feet on chilly floors. Source: FamilyHandyman

Change your bedding once a week
Dust mites love to dwell in sheets, pillows and mattresses. Encasing your mattress and box spring in an allergen-proof cover, in conjunction with washing your bedding once a week, should be enough to keep bug-a-boos at bay. Source: FoxNews

Declutter and streamline
Books, knickknacks, artwork — the more you have, the more nooks and crannies for dust to accumulate. Smallin suggests keeping books at the front of the shelf to rob dust of a place to settle and keeping items such as shoes and purses in plastic bins. Plastic bins are also a good idea for kids’ stuffed animals, a prime dust-breeding ground. Consider putting collectibles under glass. Source: HGTV

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3 Tips to Keep a Playroom Organized

The playroom is probably the messiest place in your home. Stop letting it become a constant source of stress by following these helpful tips:

Regularly purge old, unwanted toys
When it comes to toy room organization, simplicity rules. It’s calming and easy to maintain. “If the toy room stresses you out, then it will stress the kids out — so keep it simple and decluttered. Go through the toy room every change of season to get rid of old, broken items that they no longer play with. Getting in the habit of regularly decluttering will save you time, space and a lot of headaches,” says Michelle Morton, mom of three. Source: SheKnows

Create rotation bins
Does your child play with only a small number of toys, most of the time? Create rotation bins to get the most use out of all of your child’s toys. Have your child divide his toys into several different storage bins, and keep only one bin out at a time. When he starts to get bored with the toys he is playing with, put them away and bring out another bin. Your child will end up playing with all of his toys, and having only one bin out at a time will keep toy messes to a minimum. Source: FamilyEducation

Teach your children to store their toys away after playing
The key to eliminating clutter in the playroom is to stay on top of it on a daily basis. Make cleaning up the playroom a game.

This can also go for cleaning any room in your house.

At the end of each day, set a timer for five minutes. Help your children put everything they’ve been playing with back in the appropriate place. As they get older, have them do it themselves while you supervise.

Once your children no longer need a playroom, the habits you’ve helped them establish will carry over to their bedrooms and ultimately to their homes. Source: TheSpruce

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4 Bedroom Organization Tips

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but it won’t feel like one if it’s constantly cluttered. Keep your bedroom organized by following these simple tips:

Make your bed every day
Remember when Mom used to force you to make your bed each morning? She was practicing the basic tenet of staying organized. According to Julie Morgenstern, “Don’t think of [organization] as ‘putting things away,’ but think of it as positioning [something] for its next use.” Treat your bed as the sanctuary it is by positioning it for use every day. If you spend three minutes each morning to tuck and fold, you’ll develop a habit of keeping order in the room, which may translate into motivation for picking up the pile of clothes on the floor. Source: HGTV

Make smart furniture decisions
Skip the standard table, and choose one with extra shelves instead. It’s important to take advantage of any possible storage space, so learn to get crafty. Try to view your room with fresh eyes, then ask yourself: “Where can I add more surface area?” Source: PopSugar

Use the space under your bed wisely
Under the bed storage is great because it is not visible, but still very easily accessible. You can choose to store just a few items under there–I recommend things like gift wrap, or extra linens in an adult bedroom, and books in a children’s bedroom–or you could be strategic and transfer the content of your dresser into rolling bin under the bed to free up space in your bedroom. Source: TheSpruce

Purge on a regular basis
Clutter comes in faster than it goes out. Make an inventory of what you have and what you need. Chances are there are clothes in the back of the closet or bottom of the drawers that you haven’t worn in a while. Get rid of them. Stewart suggests a storage solution: Keep a drawer labeled “donations,” so when you try on something you don’t like, you put it there rather than back in the closet. Source: AngiesList

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4 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

There are some areas in our home that we commonly overlook when cleaning. We often forget about them as we prioritize those that are obviously dirtier, such as the toilet or the bathroom floor. Nevertheless, forgetting to clean the following places may put your health at risk.

Cutting boards
A clean cutting board is important since you place food directly on it. Using soap can wear down a wooden board, but vinegar will gently disinfect it. Scrub with a baking soda paste and salt for a deep clean. Source: HGTV

Toothbrush holders
The high bacteria levels in toothbrush holders (27 percent had coliform, 14 percent had staph) are likely because toothbrush holders tend to be so close to the toilet -one flush can unleash fecal-containing aerosols. And who ever thinks to clean the holder? No wonder 64 percent harbored mold and yeast.

Cleaning tip: Toss the toothbrush holder in the dishwasher if safe, or wash with hot soapy water twice a week. Source: CBSNews

Home office and living room
Remote controls, computer keyboards, phones, and tablets are often shared by multiple family members and guests. In 22 households, the NSF found yeast and mold on the computer keyboard, remote control, and video game controller as well as staph on the last two items.

Surfaces also contribute to bacteria growth and diversity. For example, a carpet can hold up to eight times its weight in dirt and dust and may be dirtier than a city street, according to Chem-Dry.

You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean your items, especially if they’ve come in contact with dirty surfaces.  Source: HealthLine

Bed sheets
A 2012 survey conducted by the company Crampex found that 26 percent of respondents admitted to sleeping on sheets that had only been washed once a month. Another 13 percent said they slept on sheets that had unidentified stains, sweat marks, or drool on them. Unfortunately, our linens are teeming with filth from our bodies — plus dirt from pets that sleep next to us.

Clean up: Launder sheets once a week in the hottest possible temperature allowed without ruining the sheets, says Duberg. This should get rid of any grime and also eliminate dust mites. Source: FitnessMagazine

You can reap many benefits from regularly cleaning your home. Fortunately, we can help you out if you don’t have the time to do so. Call us today for more information!


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3 Fall Cleaning Tips

Since you’ll be spending lot of time at home once the weather starts to get colder, make sure that your home is in excellent condition to help you feel more relaxed. Don’t forget to include the following chores in your list of to-dos this fall.

Clear the gutters
Roof gutters are traces and chutes that route water off your roof. When you buy a home, the prospect of having to periodically climb up a ladder to maintain the gutters of your castle may not be at the forefront of your mind, but even though gutter maintenance may not be on your list of homeowner-friendly chores, it’s a necessary part of home ownership. In fact, gutter cleaning is really important for the health of your home. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on your roof, resulting in leaks and making a more attractive environment for some types of termites. Poor gutter maintenance can also lead to problems with siding, windows, doors and foundations from the prolonged effects of water draining on or near your walls. Source: Home.HowStuffWorks

Deep clean the kitchen
Fall means the holidays will be here before we know it, and holidays often bring guests. Deep clean all of your appliances – refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Organize your cabinets and drawers to make sure you can easily find what you need. Source: SeventhGeneration

Pack up your backyard
Outdoor living days are dwindling so it’s time to prep your patio. Take care of your outdoor furniture and it’ll last for years.

First, clean any pieces you plan to store — cushions, hammocks, umbrellas. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did come spring! Stack patio furniture and cushions, and store in your garage or on a covered porch. If you don’t have the room, you can leave furniture outside with heavy-duty waterproof furniture covers. These will stand up to winter weather and keep everything protected. Most granite pieces can withstand the elements so you can leave those alone, but softer stones like cast stone, marble or manufactured stone should be either covered or moved. Source: TheNest

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