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Commercial carpet cleaning is quite important and can be more vital than home carpet maintenance. Commercial and Office carpet is different from home carpet in many ways. Office buildings receive a great deal more foot traffic than a home, and this adds a lot of dirt, debris and stress to the carpeting. The shorter pile and tight fibre construction of commercial carpet reduces the appearance of stains, but a burn, spill or food stain can give the office a dirty, uncared for and unprofessional appearance.

Regular maintenance is a necessity to ensure that the carpet remains attractive, durable and free of bacteria and bugs. The flooring that is installed in commercial buildings has specific elements that are best handled by a team of professionals.

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Commercial carpet cleaners help improve the carpet’s durability by properly maintaining the flooring. These professionals are equipped to properly clean and restore spots and spills, and recommend replacement for flooring that has been damaged beyond repair.

When looking for assistance on floor maintenance, the clear best choice is get a commercial carpet cleaner. While mostly due to the equipment and experience that a professional can provide, it may also save you further damage done to the flooring due to poor methods and the wrong tools.

What Kind of Commercial Cleaning Is Necessary for Maintaining an Office Carpet?

Vacuuming on a regular basis is an important element of carpet maintenance. Vacuuming will prevent loose soil from being ground deeper into the fibres. This kind of cleaning requires very specific tools and products that only Commercial carpet professionals use. Not only will hiring commercial carpet cleaners help to avoid any added damage to the flooring, but it will ultimately lead to cost savings when future replacements and restorations are considered.

This kind of equipment and experience isn’t to be assumed, as the amount of training that professionals undergo, along with the costly tools that are used to properly maintain the flooring, are usually a much greater investment.

The tools that a commercial carpet cleaner will use to care for your flooring are as important as the techniques used. It’s important to find a reputable company that has years of experience and training, as the technical steps needed to properly use the tools are vital. For instance, a professional company will first use industry-grade vacuums to thoroughly remove any physical waste that may lie just beneath the surface. Since the nature of carpet fibres includes their ability to cling to things, it’s important to have vacuums that are powerful enough to get any dirt, dust and fine gravel out before continuing the cleaning process.

The main difference from the products that an individual might use and those that a professional will use is the Seal of Approval that’s affixed to a select amount of products. These products have been independently tested and given a certification to award the effectiveness of the product, while maintaining that the product will also cause no damage to the flooring if used as directed.

The tools of a commercial carpet cleaner will always consist of high-powered, industrial grade machines or even a series of machines, depending on the severity of the cleaning needed. Some of these machines use intense heating technology, able to heat the fibres to high temperatures quickly. This heat is used to help break apart the dirt, dust, oils and stains that may be present.

A professional company will also do specific spot control and hone in on very deep, dirty areas of the flooring. The storage capacity of industry-grade machines is also vast in comparison with individual rental machines intended for residential use, with some able to cover entire levels of corporate space in one go.

A commercial carpet cleaner provides environmentally-friendly chemicals, and green, soap free products. These products are typically plant-based and leave no residue afterwards, unlike typical soap products that are routinely used in residential grade machines. This is very significant when hiring a professional, to make sure that the drying process is completely finished before adding any furniture back into the area. Doing so too quickly could lead to permanent paint or rust stains remaining on the surface.

Smart building maintenance opts to use a professional service that has the years of experience and training to take proper control of these tools. To avoid permanent damage to your carpet flooring fibres, always consult with a professional before applying any chemicals to the carpet.

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