Cleaning With Love Persian Rug Cleaning with Pet Stains 

This is James from Cleaning With Love, how you guys doing? So I just want to show you, I’ve got this Persian rug that we are working on today and their dog has smeared … all over the carpet. You can’t really see where the urine stains are, but when you fold it up, there definitely is a lot of urine there. So what we’re going to do to extract the urine out is use our rubber back machine. So this thing will spin around, it works like this and it will extract the urine out of the carpet. We use a few different chemicals on here as well just to make it easier to get out. So I’ll quickly just show you how easy it comes out, you can see through the clear tubing there - you can see the brown. So call us today to remove and extract stains from your carpets and clean your homes. Thank you.