Customer Service Culture at Cleaning With Love 

Mark: Hi, it’s Mark at Top Local Lead Generation and we’re here with Mo Kurmarsi and team at Cleaning With Love in Vancouver. They are Vancouver’s and actually Canada’s highest rated cleaning company. How’re you doing today Mo?

Mo: Doing excellent Mark, thank you

Mark: So we’re going to talk about your customer service culture at Cleaning With Love. What do you guys do that’s different from other cleaning companies?

Mo: Great question. One of the things we do, a lot of people really worry about customer service with the clients which we do, we provide the best quality of service with best quality of back end customer service and support. There is always someone to take your call, there is always someone to make you booking. We are investing big money about $50,000 in our software system within the next year just to make things easier for the clients. Just to be able to book better, be able to get to them better, schedule better and all these things will make things easier for the clients. However, none of that means anything if you do not relate to the clients. So we have a client care manager and also what makes us different is we really promote a culture of great staff. We believe in a great staff makes a great company if they go out and make our clients happy. So we really heavily invest in culture and being able to be a fun culture starting with our staff.

Mark: So, you have a system of making sure that you clean properly and that you follow up well with clients, maybe describe that a little bit more.

Mo: Absolutely, the system we do have is a process that is very, very meticulous. It’s all detailed, it’s well documented and each person has a different role. We’ve got many different staff in the office which have different roles, as of myself, as for Jo, as for different office staff working different things. Actually someone who could answer that question a lot better is our supervisor, Lanka, I believe she can answer those questions because she trains the team and she makes sure that everything goes smoothly. Lanka?

Hi Mark.

Mark: Hi there. So maybe give us some insight as to the system that you guys use when you’re doing a cleaning and how you produce such consistently top results.

Lanka: Well first of all we do a really good training with the people, we train really well and a long time before we send them into the field. First of all, we have a couple of videos that we watch here, going through all of our checklists, when we’re cleaning, when we’re done cleaning and whenever they’re ready, which I decide whether they’re ready or not then they go and clean. Also we make sure that they know all the job notes and sort of get a little bit more to know about the clients, so it’s more like friendly cleaning. It’s not just a cleaning. The other thing we make sure that all the products are organic which is really popular right now in Vancouver, I guess. All the rugs are cleaned, so every single house we’ll be going there, it will be sanitized, it’s clean, we make sure everything is proper, you know we want to make it all nice, friendly, all clean…

Mark: So if I can summarize, would that be that you guys have extensive training prior to and then even on the job, you have a checklist that you follow to make sure the job is done right. You have a culture within the company that makes sure that it’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s not all about the doing, not just doing the most incredible job but it’s also making sure it’s an incredible job but it’s friendly, that customer service feel as well. Is that about right?

Lanka: We also make sure that once a month we do something for our staff. We are planning something like a party, like a lunch party, we also had a river rafting so we want to make sure that our staff is comfortable, like your family and then we can just show them to help us to make all the clients happier than just regular. Like send them to clean your house, right.

Mark: Great. so if you’re looking for top quality cleaning in Vancouver, the place to call is Cleaning With Love. You can reach them at 604-475-5683 to book your next cleaning or check out their website - Tons of videos on there talking about exactly how they do their process and why they are different than the other companies out there. Thanks a lot.