Highest Rated Cleaning Company in Canada 

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation, we’re here with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning With Love in Vancouver, they are B.C.’s highest rated cleaning company; we’re going to talk about that today. How’re you doing today Mo?

Mo: Hey Mark, I’m doing wonderful, thanks for asking.

Mark: So, highest-rated cleaning company in BC, how, why do you think that’s the case Mo?

Mo: Well one of the things is be specialized in two different areas in angel home cleaning residential and carpet cleaning. The reason we are the highest rated company both in cleaning, home cleaning and carpet cleaning is we go the extra mile; we have outstanding customer service and we dedicate, stream professionalism plus a great system and also great training to our staff all combined with experience; it’s all about the experience and leaving the customer feeling better than they were.

Mark: So I’m sure someone along, with playing devil’s advocate here, someone might say, well come on there’s, there’s because I know personally in the cleaning space there’s a lot of this that does go on, why you know, how come these guys have so many good reviews, you know, are they fake. Do you think these are, do you have any fake reviews?

Mo: You know what, we have been, I have been personally asked a lot just because when you’re doing so well and you are the top rated company you will have those questions, I’m glad you brought that up because if you have a lot of great reviews, you might have one o.k. but there’s a lot of great reviews because of the work and the customer service we do provide and just to answer your question, these sites like Yelp, they actually have what’s called an algorithm so there’s many, many reviews that are actually filtered, you go look on ours they’re all organic and many people that know SEO have been around so we know your reviews all right because these, these algorithms you can’t cheat it. So again I don’t know if other people do it but us we have worked very hard and our model is exceptional customer service is the way to go.

Mark: So if you’re looking for home cleaning or carpet cleaning in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Van, Burnaby, even Richmond?

Mo: Even Richmond

Mark: Give these guys a call Cleaning with Love, you have to book ahead, they’re busy, call them at 604-475-5683 or check out their website cleaningwithlove.ca, we’re adding a ton of content on there as fast as we can. It’s going to be the cleaning resource in Canada and these guys will look after you, they have a stellar reputation for good reason. Thanks a lot Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark, really appreciate your time.