How to Help Your Carpets Last Longer

Mark: Hi it’s Mark with, here with Top Local Lead Generation; I forgot what our company was. I was going to say Cleaning with Love but that’s who we’re talking to, Mo at Cleaning with Love in Vancouver; Vancouver’s highest rated carpet cleaning and home cleaning company. How you doing today Mo?

Mo: Excellent, Mark thanks for asking.

Mark: So we’re going to talk about something that I’m sure a lot of people would love to know a bit more about, which is how to help your carpets last longer, what from a professional viewpoint, what are the things that we need to do to make sure our carpets last as long as they can?

Mo: Absolutely. Great question Mark. Things you want to do is keep, simple things, number one, keep off the carpets, what does that mean? Keep the dirt off the carpets, that means if at all, any time you can take the shoes off; come in with slippers that’s not worn outside. If you must, if there’s tradition or you must wear the shoes inside make sure you have a mat you can wipe your feet well on and then you can walk in but first do not walk on the carpets with muddy feet or shoes.

Second, it seems simple but so many people forget vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, so what does that mean? Vacuuming your place three to four times especially in the high traffic areas going over it five to seven times, going over the regular spots about half of that. So vacuum three to four times, I even say five times, someone who really likes to overdo it I go five times a week, vacuum my own carpets.

Number three spot cleaning with approved solutions that are approved by ICRC and other methods which is you can go on our website and find out what are approved things you can do for spot cleaning and some of those things you want to do is be very careful. One thing you want to do is blot the stain in and not rub it in with a brush. I’ve seen so many times people actually brush it in and instead of having a little bit of wine they have a wine stain this big and it just makes your job that much easier and making sure, getting onto it right time, as fast as you can get to it the better because the more it stays the more chance it has to being a permanent stain.

Number four rotate your furniture and your rugs every three to six months. Why do I say that, because if one side is a heavy traffic area and you walk on it year after year or month after month obviously it’s going to have a lot more apparent wear and tear when you notice this is when you pick up that furniture and you move out you see underneath where it was, never walked on compared to where it was walked on. So you want to do this regularly, move your, move your furniture around, that’s very key.

Five, get you’re carpets professionally cleaned by a professional technician company, so what does that mean? Every carpet company, when your carpet you buy it has a manufacturer’s warranty, they recommend every 18 to 24 months get your carpets professionally steam cleaned, and what do I mean by steam clean is hot water extraction, that is the best method, uses a hot water extraction and you want to keep your receipt because if you’re worried your carpets ever go over warranties and warrant issues you must keep that receipt and that’s one of the questions they’re going to ask you, have you professionally cleaned your carpets so again the five things: keep off the dirt, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, spot clean, rotate your furniture regularly and call the technician to deep steam clean your carpets, better for the air, better for breathing and your health, every minimum 18 to 24 months, you got pets or kids, make it half that time.

Mark: So if you’re looking for cleaning for your carpets in Vancouver, the people to call, the trusted people to call are Cleaning with Love, you can reach them at 604-475-5683 to book or check out their website Thanks Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark.