Things You Have To Start Throwing Away This Upcoming New Year

Removing all the unnecessary items in your home can help clear your mind. This can lead you to focus more on achieving all the goals you’ve set for the new year. You can start by decluttering just a small corner, but don’t forget to dispose of the following:

Unnecessary receipts
A lot of us accumulate a ton of these little things, from restaurants, coffee shops, groceries, etc. But which of them do you really need to keep? As discussed earlier, unless they’re receipts for important purchases you may claim a warranty on, or receipts for reimbursement or expense records, you’re better off tossing them. Source: Business.Inquirer

Electronics cords
Ah, that tangle of mysterious cords most of us have hidden somewhere. If it’s growing into a giant, bizarre and wiry creature, it’s time to get organised. Chances are, many of these cords go to electronics you no longer have. Source: MSN

Gift accessories
Shopping bags, crinkled gift ribbon, and ripped wrapping paper: Toss it all. Nothing psychologically prevents you from enjoying a fresh start like Christmas-themed trash sticking around and cluttering up your home. Move onward!

Expired prescriptions
Take the new year as an opportunity to clean shop in your medicine cabinet. Get rid of prescriptions and over-the-counter pills that have expired or that you haven’t used in months, since it’s also unsafe to keep expired medicine around. Source: MyDomaine

Listen, folks: Spoiled, flaky makeup ain’t cute. In fact, cosmetics that have gone over can present a real health hazard, especially when it comes to eye products. According to Allure, the item you’ll want to toss most often is mascara, which has a shelf life of just two to three months. In fact, most eye products should be replaced within three months.

Cream foundations and lipsticks can last up to a year, while powders can hang around for up to two years (with the exception of powdered eye shadows, of course). Nail polish is trickier to pin down. It’s not going to spoil, but throw it out if the lacquer gets dry or clumpy. Source: DealNews

Hiring a professional to organize your home is a huge help for those who don’t have the time. Call us today!


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