Things to Be Careful of With “Cheap” Cleaning Companies

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation, we’re here with Mr. Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning With Love in Vancouver, they’re Vancouver and actually Canada’s highest rated cleaning company. How’re you doing today Mo?

Mo: How you doing Mark, thanks for asking, doing great.

Mark: So we’re going to talk about things to be careful of with “cheap” cleaning companies. Why wouldn’t I just go on Craig’s List and save myself a bunch of money?

Mo: You know what, it’s your choice, you can do whatever you want but short and simple answer to that question is be very mindful of what and who you bring to your home. Your home is one of your most private assets and it definitely makes sense, you don’t want a bunch of people that have drug problems, you don’t want a bunch of people that have not been screened, you don’t want a bunch of people that just got picked, you know what I’m not going to say names but I know of companies that just pick up people from random places or work sites without doing any checks and these people are God knows doing what else in your house so be very mindful who you send to your house not just stealing but also you letting people into your most private homes; that’s one of the first steps is security reasons, now they know what you have in your house things like that so be very mindful of saving 5 dollars, hundred dollars at beginning, you might lose thousands of dollars in the near future just because you try to short circuit that and try to fool yourself. I always use your analogy, don’t go, don’t try to be a dentist and pull your own teeth, go to a dentist. So go to professionals, we’re definitely professionals and one of things we worry about is they’re not there tomorrow, they do a bad job, they don’t answer the phones or they got the kid running in the back and they answer the phones because they don’t have a back-end system. There will always be someone here to answer your calls; we’ve got a really good back-end system and good crew to always add quality to everybody.

Mark: So maybe that’s, I’m going to throw you a curve, so how do you guys background check somebody who just starts with you, what’s the difference?

Mo: Great question. Like right now we have a HR management that does our training; Angela right now is as we’re talking doing thorough background checks and calling, she actually we liked the scanner that she hasn’t even called us back because it’s taken four days to properly go through the channels and the thing is we always go with people we know instead of people we don’t know, we always go with people that our staff knows, family knows, we are very close knitted, we make sure we hire people that we know, trust and respect. If I don’t trust them to clean my home I would not trust them to clean our client’s home, plain and simple.

Mark: So when you guys are actually doing the cleaning you’re going through all this training with staff and vetting them and making sure that they’re professionals, but how do you make sure they do a great job, like do you have some steps of service that you follow?

Mo: Absolutely. Our three step service is: warm and friendly greeting, we use the client’s name, that’s step one. Step two, we do a thorough walk through, what that means is we go first, we’re the only company that turns down jobs because we might not be the right fit for the client or they might not be right for us. We don’t everybody and obviously is not a good fit someone for us because we don’t clean places where there’s mold, rats, blood or heavy grime. We have companies like restoration company that do heavier cleaning that we do refer out to, however we do not want to give our staff that sort of heavy duty trade cleaning because and also we’re not experts, we only do things that we’re experts of, we’re not experts in blood, we have to wear hazmat, we’re not experts in mold, those are the things where heavy grime that been built there. We are a cleaning company, more of a luxury ongoing people that want to have that ambience that look, that experience, its experience that counts because you go to Starbucks because of this experience, you might pay two or three times more but you know what you’re getting. For Cleaning with Love, we’ve got a great system of training as we’re doing a big training right now for about six or seven of our team and there’s a whole day right now from morning til now, it’s training, so we invest a lot of money into training on how to talk to customers, etiquette and all that sort of good stuff. Answer in short.

Mark: Sure, so what, you guys have a thing called the Platinum Standards of Service, what are those?

Mo: Absolutely and before I get to that and the last step is the third step is to walk and walk through so we want to make sure just to get to the last question there’s three steps is we do a thorough walk through, with the client, with the chocolate, with the organic tea and we make sure we leave their home where they’re happy and a good experience because you don’t want to leave anybody unfulfilled and leave their expectations kind of unfulfilled so we do a walk through and getting back to your Platinum Standards, I was just going to read our Platinum Standards that we strive by. One is we build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients, with our clients and how we do that is we follow up, we’re human beings, we started this company because other cleaning companies do not call you back, their set of standards, some of the companies is so low that we had to make this happen and if you look around, it got cleaning around the anywhere they got one of the lowest ratings and all the businesses because people don’t take us seriously. We’re actually doing this as a business, we’ve got a lot of back end work, back end help, we got a lot of good crew that helps us with our staff and we do this as professionals, we don’t do this as a, it’s not our hobby, this is our vocation, this is what we do, this is what our staff does, so that’s what makes us build strong relationships, we got a client care manager that calls up our clients and actually goes and visits them, Lanka that you saw last time on the video, she actually helps with a lot of client care, even myself remember to reach me, anybody can reach me anytime so that’s, that’s one of the main things that makes us different. Another thing is we own and immediately resolve clients problems; how do we do that, had a couple emails, we do make mistakes, we’re human beings, we might have the highest rated company in Canada, it’s just we’re human beings, we make mistakes, things are about things do go wrong sometimes, we do scratch things by accident sometimes, we just show up late sometimes and it does happen, however, we immediately call and own the problem and resolve it instead of trying to explain to the customer what can we do for you, how can we resolve this and it’s instant, people if they have a problem they don’t need to you to call three days later, they need it now and that’s where differ. Another thing is we are accountable for uncompromising level of cleanliness and a professional appearance and a level of language customer service to our clients. What does that mean? We do not compromise with cleanliness, our set of standards is very high as it should be because we’re coming to clean one of your biggest assets, is your home. People come and trust us, come in their homes that’s why we do all these things, we go the extra mile, also we go the extra mile to build that customer service level of trust, pardon me, and how we do that is by training, and more training and more training and we’re not here to sell, we’re here to educate, we’re here to make you feel like your house we just left you want to live in an oasis if I may say, fall back on your fluffy pillows, ladies know what I’m talking about, have your organic tea and just be able to say wow, that was a great experience, that’s what we strive for.

Mark: So if you’re looking for a cleaning company that takes it to a whole new level and will provide you with the level of service and excellence that’s unmatched basically Cleaning With Love in Vancouver you can call to book at 604-475-5683. Check out their website Thanks a lot Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark, it’s been a wonderful day.