Tips on Cleaning Upholstery

When it’s cold outside, it’s always better to stay at home bundled up in a warm blanket with a hot coffee in hand while watching Netflix or reading a book. However, this won’t be as nice of an experience if you’re lying on a filthy couch. Here are some ways to clean up your upholstered furniture:

Use a hand vacuum or the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean debris and dirt from the sofa surface. Be sure to clean the crevices where pet hair, food crumbs, and dirt accumulate. If the cushions are not attached, remove them and vacuum both sides. If there’s a lot of pet hair, use a lint roller to remove hair the vacuum can’t get. Source: DIYNetwork

Identify the stain
Food, dirt, pee or poop (from little ones or pets), wine, coffee and other stains respond well to steam cleaning. More stubborn spots may need more than one treatment. For oil-based or other hard-to-lift stains, chemical-based cleaners are required.

Follow manufacturer’s instruction
Before you use upholstery cleaner on your furniture, check cushions for fabric care tags or instructions — they’ll tell you what cleaning solutions to use. If you can’t find the tag, check the furniture manufacturer’s website. It’s also a good idea to spot check a small, hidden section of the fabric with the cleaner to test for damage and color-fastness. Source: AngiesList

Spot clean
For spot-cleaning, you’ll have to make sure you’re using the right solution for the fabric. (Again, check the codes on your fabric tag!) However, even for fabrics that can handle a variety of cleaners, it’s sometimes best to start off with a clean rag and some simple dish soap when tackling a stain. Blotting (rather than wiping) seems to be a technique that most people favor when it comes to spot-cleaning, too.

Another important thing to remember is that some stubborn stains might actually take two or three passes before they completely come out. So even if you’re not seeing immediate results, keep going. Let your spot dry completely, then try again. Source: HGTV

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