Tips on Cleaning Your Home Before Moving Out

Anyone who has experienced moving before knows how burdensome it can be.  In addition to everything else, to make sure that you get your rental deposit back, you have to properly and thoroughly clean the house before you go. Here are some tips that can help you out:

Clean the bathrooms
Thoroughly clean the sink, tub, toilet and shower. Make sure you have removed any buildup and wiped down the fixtures.

Clean the mirrors, medicine cabinet and any vents or light fixtures in the bathroom. Make sure you don’t use mirror cleaner with ammonia in it. Check to make sure the light fixtures are clean and that the light bulbs work. Again, throw those glass light fixture covers in the dishwasher.

Sweep and mop the bathroom floor. Be especially careful around the toilet.

Repeat for each bathroom. Source: WikiHow

Don’t leave anything behind (or maybe do)
There’s disagreement out there about this one: is it common courtesy to leave a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and some lightbulbs, or annoying to the new tenant? In any case, get rid of everything else. No matter how helpful you think those old cleaning supplies or extra pots and pans might be, your landlord might disagree and charge you for clearing them away. Source: Apartment Therapy

Bedrooms and living rooms

  • Clean windowsills, frames, tracks, casings, blinds and glass panels;
  • Clean sliding doors and fly screens inside and out;
  • Wash or dry-clean curtains;
  • Wipe down air conditioners and vents;
  • Clean the fireplace and replace the furnace filter (if applicable);
  • Empty wardrobes, closets, and drawers and clean them inside and out (shelves, rods, tracks, casing, both sides of doors);
  • Clean furniture – polish wood surfaces and steam clean the upholstery. Apply a fabric/leather protector, as appropriate;
  • Wash area rugs and clean the floors as described above. Source: MyMovingReviews

Feeling overwhelmed with all the packing you need to do that you don’t have the energy to thoroughly clean what’s left of your home? Contact us, we can help you out!


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