Why Do We Focus on our Staff’s Attitude?

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation we’re here with Mo Kumarsi of Cleaning With Love in Vancouver. They’re Vancouver and B.C.’s and Canada’s highest rated cleaning company. How’re you doing today Mo?

Mo: Hey Mark, I’m doing excellent, thanks for asking.

Mark: So we’re going to talk about why you guys focus on staff attitude, why is that important?

Mo: Great question. We noticed when we build the business and we started from the ground up that there was something missing as the company’s got bigger, not going to mention any names, they focused more on money making and less on customer support, staff appreciation and it was all about its bottom dollar so when we started this company from the core, the foundation was to build a company to be one of the highest companies in Canada and staff wants to work for, we include a lot of creative events and the reason coming back to your question is a happy staff will go ahead and be the happy customer so if your staff is unhappy and is just there for the money, it’s not going to work. We just had a person applying for work and my partner just spent a good 45 minutes talking about the values, why do they want this position, how they’re going to contribute, how we’re going to be a good fit for them so it’s absolutely essential to get the right fit of staff and make sure they turn that because they’re going to be your front line they turn that to a happy client.

Mark: So how do you work on your staff’s energy level, how does that, like what do you guys do, what is the actual steps that you take, you mentioned some things about staff appreciation, like where, what give me some examples.

Mo: Good question. So everything starts with us with the attitude, the, a lot of cleaning companies or a lot of different companies focus on like experience, for us we focus on attitude and if they don’t have that bit have the right attitude or if we don’t have the right attitude for them just do it for a quick example. We don’t hire anybody’s whose negative, that’s first and foremost, that just doesn’t work, all our staff are upbeat, they’re very outgoing, they’re bubbly so if someone comes in and has a negative attitude right, right away we notice and might not work, you know what might not be a good fit for us. What we do a lot is, I would love to share some pictures up; I haven’t done this much so tell me if this works and you can see, can you see my screen?

Mark: Yes

Mo: So there we are, we just took a picture the other day, there’s our technician and all our angels ready to rock the day and you can see everyone’s happy, everyone’s willing to go to work and the other week we had a staff, it was a pool party and invited them all to a nice, well pizza and it was just about staff appreciation. This month we have, we’re doing a draw, two draws for a luxury spa package for whoever answered the most questions and whoever does the great job and we’re sending them to a luxury spa because we noticed a happy, happy staff will create a great client and we inspire and we aspire to become a company of people just don’t come here for money, we do a lot for our staff, we go above and beyond because we, we started this company working ourselves so we know how hard it is sometimes, it’s not the easiest jobs however we do our best to create that environment. We went wild water rafting here as you can see where I drank a lot of water in that, in that trip, was really fun and just these are the little things we do to bring out the best in our staff because if they’re happy, the customers happy, we’re happy, everyone’s happy. So the culture is attitude above everything and good attitude and great attitude will become contagious and if you notice one rotten tomato could if you put it with all the tomatoes it could rot all the bunch but if you put good apples or good tomatoes or whatever you want to call it, it’s actually really healthy and it’s contagious, you put a good bubbly person in there and everyone will lighten up.

Mark: So, o.k. you got a great staff, you really concentrate on that stuff, who, who do you guys target, who are your target clients?

Mo: Great question Mark. Our target clients are homeowners, even up people who are entrepreneurs, men between the ages of 35 to 49 and who are entrepreneurs who or are family people, these are our number one who are in the tech industry or, or have a family but mostly men between the 35 to 40 Mark, who are in the tech industry or entrepreneurs that they work full time to work, they usually have a pet, they’re very pet friendly if you haven’t noticed with our branding, we’re a pet friendly service so people that have pets, dogs or cats especially women, either single or family women that have kids, have pets, that’s very important to have larger homes usually what they do is they’re involved in charity work, they’re retired or they’re just taking care of the kids or taking care of the homes and sometimes they don’t have enough time with going to charities, going to meetings or even an entrepreneur mom or not even a mom but a pet, they’ve got pets those are furry little creatures we love them so much but they create a lot of dust, a lot of mess. I got a cat and a dog myself so people that have pets, people who need cleaning and people who appreciate the luxury service that we do provide with different packages.

Mark: So there you go, if you’re looking for top quality cleaning of any kind, cleaning your home, cleaning your carpets, your offices, your windows, your silver and copper, whatever Cleaning with Love in Vancouver are the people to call 604-475-5683 or check out their website cleanigwithlove.ca. Thanks Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark.