Why is Cleaning Important For Your Health?

Mark: It’s Mark from Top Local Lead Generation we’re here with Mo Kumasi of Cleaning with Love in Vancouver, Canada’s highest rated cleaning company. How are you doing today Mo?

Mo: Doing excellent Mark thanks for asking.

Mark: So we’re going to dig right into it, why is regular cleaning important for your health?

Mo: Many different ways because health and cleaning goes hand in hand, cleanliness and health go hand in hand. There’s some pointers I just wanted to bring up that how we’re different, how using a professional service like Cleaning with Love will better your health in the long term with longevity; first thing is we use high grade microfibre cloth and mops that really helps pick up a lot of dirt, a lot of dust, more than regular mops and regular, when you put the mops back into the water it’s cross-contaminates because every time you put it back in and out it cross contaminates so if you have microfibre mops it’s a lot , it’s known to be a lot more effective and also we pick, it picks up microfibre cloths picks up more dust than any other rags. Another thing we do is all our products are natural, it’s organic so again if you’re cleaning with something like Windex, I’m not going to name names but a lot of cleaners out there, even say quote unquote they’re green it’s not organic or all natural, they can cause a lot of long term illnesses and diseases as well because of the things the ammonia, because of things that are in there, should always read the back of it, I always say if you cannot pronounce the name in the back don’t use it. Another thing we do is a hepa filter vacuum, we use all hepa filter vacuums, it’s extremely good for respiratory, asthma, people who have asthma notice that when we use our all our vacuums they breathe better, they live better, they call us and say wow I feel alive again. There’s a customer called us last week and I personally had the pleasure of speaking to him and he says I don’t know what it is, I haven’t done anything different but I noticed you guys have been coming in for two weeks in a row and I feel better, I could breathe better, I could run now and he doesn’t smoke or anything like that so he had, I believe he had asthma and with a hepa filter vacuum it picks up a lot of dust that other vacuums do not pick up and allergies have gone up through the roof over the last 20 years because of all so called green products and the products that are out there so be very careful what your use in your house, who you let in and what kind of products they use. These are all important things and washing hands, a great tip to stay healthy, wash your hands as much as you can especially when you come from outside.

Mark: So what about rug cleaning, how does cleaning your rugs regularly help your health?

Mo: It’s absolutely essential because when you do not clean it professionally at a continuous bases even less anything less than two years it’s considered unhealthy because everything that lives in that carpet needs to be steam cleaned and professionally with hot water extraction come out otherwise you have no idea what lives in there and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it can’t make you ill, a lot of illnesses can be prevented by regular vacuuming your carpets and giving it professionally steam cleaned every twelve to sixteen months.

Mark: So if you want to have a little bit healthier life and enjoy the benefits of having a beautifully clean home with people who really care, who live their name basically these are the guys to call Cleaning With Love, you can call to book at 604-475-5683 or check out their website cleaningwithlove.ca Thanks Mo.

Mo: Thanks Mark.