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About Us

About Our Company


Where Love Matters...​


Cleaning With Love provides unique, premium cleaning services and products in the cleaning industry.


To enhance love for oneself by providing services that uplift your spirit, save your time, pamper your property, bring order to your mind and to illuminate that twinkle in your gaze.

Mission and Purpose

The habit of cleanliness, hygiene and orderliness elevates lifestyle. We set out to transform the meaning of cleaning, through carving a resounding value in our services by raising health, time, clarity, productivity and well-being in our clients.

Our services and products make the tipping difference in your property’s maintenance, upping your quality of life.

Our home services bring uplifted spirit, warmth and heart-soothing services for your home, making your home as your personal spa and sanctuary, where you can rest your guard from the outer world: relax, regroup, reflect.

We create unfound moments for you, for relationship bonding, filled with glorious camaraderie, wherein such memoirs fuel and fulfill your life; As life is at its best when you can do what you love, shared with the people you love.

Cleaning With Love’s Platinum Standards

Cleaning With Love’s 5 star standards make up of values and principles that are the pillars in our organization’s behaviours.

Work Philosophy

Servant Leadership:

  • Lead by example
  • Take initiative with a keen eye
  • Give, with no expectation to receive
  • Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution
  • Put the wellbeing of your employment organization above yourself
  • Go above and beyond to exceed expectations and goals; then, set higher ones


  • We continually evolve our thinking by keeping up-to-date with (but not necessarily accepting) new systems and technologies
  • We embrace change when called for
  • We encourage outside the box thinking, resourcefulness and open-mindedness
  • We thrive in diversity by learning how to work with employees and clients of all cultures, beliefs and walks of life

Client Experience

We pledge to deliver a luxurious experience!

  • A convenient booking experience that takes your headaches and worry away, that communicates care, warmth and trust
  • 5 star service experience that pampers your home, creates relaxation for you resting in an orderly, hygienic, sweet-aired space


  • We are cleaning angels and gentlemen technicians serving you as you are the king and queen of your home
  • We pledge to serve our clients with the most warm, graceful demeanor, to promote peace and uplift the spirit of love in their home
  • We anticipate and fulfill the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients

4 Steps of Service

1. A warm phone call prior to arriving

2. A big smile when we arrive - using client’s name

3. A beginning and final walk through to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients needs

4. A warm, sincere farewell - using the client’s name

Work Values

  • Quality: We are dedicated to create a loving ambience and 5 star experience for all our clients
  • Communication: Build a respectable and open communication line with our clients, teammates and management
  • Customer Service: We aim to please, to go above and beyond, to fulfill the unexpressed wishes of our clients
  • Love: We are fun-loving, warm-hearted people that believe we can create more love in your home and in the world
  • Accountability: We are fully responsible by not pointing fingers outside, rather by looking in the mirror and owning our problems, therefore resolving client queries quickly
  • Adaptability: We embrace the possibilities to grow by keeping an open ear and unbiased opinion
  • Image: We are clean, tidy and professional in appearance, keeping good image when in uniform, at all times, using professional language and posture
  • Attitude: We at CWL expect positive, team-building verbal and body language from each other. Great attitude and nothing less
  • Loyalty: We honour and respect the loyalty of our clients and we are focused on the development of our employees’ satisfaction
  • Trust: We take trust very serious: we promise to protect your most prized tangible and intangible assets with care. We protect the security and privacy of our clients, employees and CWL confidential information

Employee Culture and Promise

Our angels and gentlemen are the most important asset in our service promise to our clients. By sticking to our philosophy of servant leadership and adaptability, we create a culture of serving spirits, dynamic minds and ambitious outlook. We are pet lovers that believe we can make a dent in the universe by being different in our service approach. We foster trust and real connections with the spirit of love and care. We enrich our own lives by leaving a smile on people’s faces.