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Strata Property Services, Janitorial, Building Maintenance Services

Compared to other residential properties and commercial buildings, strata buildings have a very different set of needs and cleaning requirements. When it comes to strata cleaning in Vancouver, we proudly offer high-quality cleaning services to ensure communal and high-traffic areas of your building remain clean, sanitized, and safe. Your residents deserve to enjoy the common spaces in their building without the stress of cleaning up after someone else or worrying about germs from elevator buttons, especially during flu season. Our staff are highly trained to ensure every corner of your building, from the laundry room to the furthest hallway on your highest floor is free from dust, dirt, and anything else that may interfere with the cleanliness and tranquility of your strata building.

Our strata cleaning and building maintenance services are tailored to your building’s needs and include:

    • Cleaning of high traffic areas such as lobbies, mail rooms, elevator areas and elevators.
    • Stairwell and hallway cleaning.
    • Communal outdoor spaces such as communal gardens, outdoor play areas, bbq areas, and around the entrances.
    • Communal indoor spaces such as fitness rooms, lounges, games rooms, pool areas and shower rooms.
    • Garbage/recycling room cleaning and parking garage pressure washing.
    • Concierge service and Caretaker service

We offer flexible arrangements depending on your cleaning frequency needs whether that means daily twice daily, three times a week, or every two weeks. We would be happy to discuss our strata cleaning services and work out a cleaning schedule and checklist with you. You can request a quote online or give us a call at (604) 373-7877.