Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Whistler

Why Us?

I Can Clean My Home No Problem. Why Should I Pay a Third Party, Let Alone Pay a Premium, to Do Something I Already Know How to Do Myself?

Our service is based on your need. If you have time and desire to clean, by all means we are delighted for you.

Who Is This For?

Our best and favourites clients are the ones who: 

  • Do not have the time due to work commitments
  • View this task as a necessity yet a worry and headache
  • Those who don't know how to clean in preparation for guests, open houses or special occasions...

For clients who are always at work: involved in their profession or business, using our weekly and biweekly maintenance cleaning packages is a lucrative investment. As, when they are paid over $50 an hour or more in their field, they lose money if they spend time cleaning rather than working.

For clients who appreciate a clean home or office space: yet, are stressed over cleaning, our service is one that takes all the stress and management away. Our trustworthy, bonded, professionally trained cleaners are paid exactly for their organization skills, to bring to your life hygiene, tidiness and well-being.

For clients who just don't know where to start cleaning for events: like a Christmas party,  anniversary or open house, then they do not want to risk being embarrassed when the clean-freak in-laws or potential buyers arrive in scrutiny. We have spring clean, deep clean, pre-stage clean, before and after party clean packages tailored to suit all occasions.

How Do Cleaning Services Charge and How Do You Charge?

Many cleaning services charge by the hour. But our company charges by cleaning packages on flat rates. For example: when we send a team of 2, 3 or 4 cleaners for even 10 minutes or 100 hours, our clients still get the same cleaning result. The reason that we don't charge by the hour is, many cleaning services take advantage of clients by quoting a much longer time than actually needed, at an extra low hourly wage to make up for their loss. Not to mention, hourly labourers inevitably drag their feet when jobs are paid by the hour. Therefore, Cleaning With Love's flat rate estimate software eliminates any chance of dishonesty by precisely quoting the most accurate, fair flat rates, regardless of amount of cleaners or amount of time.

Why Is Your Company Pricier Than Others?

Great question. Why do you think?

In every industry, there is a Starbucks to a Tim Hortons. A Holt Renfrew to a Winners. A Fairmont to a Traveller's Inn.

The level of management and thoroughness of service from the first phone booking to our free Beginning & End Walk Through sets our standards much higher than other cleaning companies and individual unlicensed freelancers.

Of course, if you rebuttal you already have "a trusted, cleaning lady for the last 10 years," then you are blessed and have called us for no need. But for those who do not have any providers, and want a highly effective team, that can come in and out in a whirlwind without interfering their day, we may just be the right ghost-busters to call.

Or when you have multiple rental units or vacation homes that need servicing several times a week, you must know how hard it is coordinate the cleanings. Our company offers full-time backend support Mondays through Fridays. We have numerous cleaning teams that can clean multiple properties in the same time slot per day. We work with many property managers and Airbnb rentals, so we have gained seasoned experience in coordinating 11am - 4pm check-in-check-outs. We will manage the cleaning schedule for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, turnover cleaning at all of your locations. We will take your micromanaging needs upon our shoulders. We will check, inspect and count inventory, go as far as to pick-up, drop-off keys and wash your linens at our laundry facility.

Apart from being insured, bonded and background checked, we provide the most comprehensive and healthy line of cleaning equipments and supplies. Our vacuums are all commercial grade, HEPA filter. Our mops and tools are the most high tech and ergonomic for maximum time and energy efficiency. We bring cloths and scrubbing sponges all color-coded, brand new for each client to prevent cross-contamination. Finally, the liquid spray agents we use are organic, biodegradable, safe if consumed accidentally by even pets! YES, we are all about healthy, green, eco-friendly and natural.

First Time Using Our Service? What to Prepare and Expect...

Our Cleaning Angels will call you 20-30 minutes ahead of arrival (if keys are not provided).

We furnish all supplies: HEPA filter vacuums, mops, organic sprays, clean cloths and brand new sponges.

If you require us to clean behind a fridge, shelf or heavy furniture, please pull it out for us in advance, because we don't want to scratch your floor (and reduce injury).

A reminder we don't put away dishes, because we don't want to stack things in a way that you would not (and to reduce risk of breakage).If you requested Special Request "bed linens changed," please leave the clean sheets ON each designated bed.

First Time Bookings: Our Team Representative will conduct an free 5 minute Opening & End Walk Through with you. We will take this time to review your Service Checklist by walking through each space. During this walk through, we can adjust your service estimate should your property specifications be different to what you told us during phone booking. If you wish to add cleaning for extra spaces, we will do our best to complete them. However, please be prepared to schedule a follow up service for the extra spaces should we not have time same day.

We are home and office cleaning professionals trained and licensed to work under "average conditions". All estimates provided are assumed from an average state of cleanliness where hygiene appears to be maintained at least once a month through tidying and cleaning. No cleaning of mould, grime, rodents, bed bugs, soot, smoke damage or severe conditions is included. Should our professionals find your space requires labour above this "average condition," please understand then why we require more time and budget to complete a full effort job.

We hold the right to reject your job upon arrival should the Opening Walk Through show conditions of like this sample photo. We do charge 100% of the service for our time reserved for you. Entire washing of walls / floors by hand must be approved as a Special Request during phone/email booking.

Feel free to run your errands during cleaning. If it's your first time, just ask your Team Representative to call you back in time for your End Walk-Through.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service. To keep a lifetime relationship, we thank you in advance for your cooperation by our service terms which we firmly believe will keep your satisfaction always on the up and up!