Cleaning Up Your Act: 5 Ways House Cleaning Services Can Wow Their Customers with Stellar Service

Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes. But as any busy homeowner knows, keeping a house clean can be a real chore. That’s why more and more people are turning to professional house cleaning services to keep their homes looking their best. But with so many cleaning companies out there, how can […]

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Clean office lobby featuring a brown couch, a plant and a water machine

How to create a welcoming and immaculate office that leads to productivity…

As an employer, do you believe health and wellbeing at work leads to greater productivity? How important is the maintenance of a clean office? A routinely cleaned workspace greatly improves the health and well-being of employees by reducing the spread of germs and allergens. It makes the first impression of your business brand! It improves […]

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If we can’t work, oh well, we can be kids in the snow!

This December 2022, Vancouver BC is experiencing the coldest temperatures in 88 years! What a “real Canadian winter!” As safety comes first, our cleaning services are canceled if roads to your property is not cleared. Although our adult lives may be interrupted, this 6-month-old camel reminds us to view the world from the eyes of […]

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Clean children's play room in a luxury house

Busy with young children? Let us help

Too much cleaning work? Get more sleep and family time back by booking a house cleaning service. Our cleaning angels can wash the dishes, clean up the spills, disinfect all baby toys, tidy up, change bed linens and assist with laundry. Serving Downtown, West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Horseshoe Bay since 2011.

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Airbnb bathroom after cleaning

Being a successful Airbnb Superhost with a reliable cleaning partner

Being the ultimate host in an unforgettable stay is in the details. After you design the warmest space and purchase the comfiest furniture, the future success lies in maintenance. An immaculate Airbnb cleaning service after each guest is non-negotiable to grow your superhost reviews.Cleaning With Love has won years trust from ambitious Airbnb hosts in downtown Vancouver, North […]

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a house cleaner in a green shirt wiping down a kitchen island with a cloth

Get Your Deposit Back: Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving is stressful. On top of having to book movers, pack your things, and disassemble furniture, you also need to ensure the place you’re leaving is clean for the next occupants. If you’ve sold your house, you want everything to be clean for the new owners as a courtesy but, if you are leaving a […]

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Cleaning With Love member professionally cleaning a hotel carpet

Are Professional Carpet Cleaners Worth It? A List of Benefits

From the soft feeling of carpet under your feet, to a colourful area rug that brings your room together, carpets and rugs can transform your home. Proper carpet cleaning makes a huge difference in keeping your carpets feeling and looking their best for years to come. While you should regularly vacuum and spot clean your […]

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two house cleaners in green shirts smile while dusting cobwebs with a long feather duster

Hiring a maid service: what to expect

Choosing a maid service is a difficult task, there are many professional house cleaning services out there that offer different packages. It’s important to choose the maid service that best fits your specific needs. Each cleaning company will have it’s own unique process however most fit into these categories: The consultation Before the cleaning starts […]

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Cleaning With Love professional cleaner kneeling to wipe the glass of a fire place at a luxury home

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner

Why hire someone to clean for you when you can do it yourself? You may have asked yourself this question, and this may be the only thing keeping you from hiring a cleaner for your home. below to learn more about some of the best reasons why you should hire a professional cleaner. […]

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