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Why are we called Cleaning With Love?

We started our company in 2012 and created a culture of service with love and care. We hope through our example, we inspire others to do the same. At Cleaning With Love, we are far more than just cleaners. Our mission is to create more love and productivity in your life while decreasing your stress.

We believe that cleaning is a very spiritual act. Having a clean home or office is much more than being tidy. It’s about having a sanctuary where you can relax and be yourself without worrying about anything. You can shut the outside world out for a matter of minutes or hours.

At your home, we want you to be in the presence of love at all times. Our cleaning staff are called ‘Angel Maids’ because we want you to feel your home is a little piece of heaven. The average person spends around 70 hours/week at home so why wouldn’t you want it to look and feel its best?

Are cleaning services worth it?

Absolutely. We are professional cleaners with professional instruments. We have the best and most updated equipment on the market. Most other cleaners don’t have the powerful equipment we have and it isn’t available to the average consumer. We take all the stress out of cleaning the mess and clutter.

Who needs cleaning services?

We know you’re busy. You have families, a career, a life. Why spend your precious downtime on something you don’t want to be doing? Maybe you’re like a lot of people who hate cleaning. Doing chores can even be stressful and unpleasant. Just because cleaning isn’t your thing, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or neglectful. Cleaning With Love will take all the stress and heartache out of maintaining a clean home.

Cleaning services aren’t just for people with lots of money or the ‘upper class’. You’re not being self indulgent or snobby. With more people working longer hours, more people are turning to cleaning services to helps free up their time so you don’t need to feel exhausted all the time. In fact, cleaning services is one of the biggest growth industries in Canada because of this reason.

Maybe you have a new baby in the house and you’re dedicating more of your time to the new addition to your family. A new baby also means a lot of extra work – more laundry, more messes to clean up.

Another excellent reason to hire a cleaning service is if you like to entertain and you want your home to look spotless. When planning a party, there is so much to do, it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re putting on a large event or a wine and cheese party, you want to give your guests a good impression.

How do we work?

If you’re a new client then we get you to fill out either a 35-point checklist or a 25-point checklist, depending on whether the space is furnished or not. This initial call takes between 5 to 10 minutes and is extremely important because there can be some areas of confusion like laundry, dishes, and the handling of trash. With this checklist you’ll know exactly what you get and what you’re paying for. Once this is complete, you’ll then get a confirmation email and we’ll call to remind you 30 minutes before your appointment to follow up.

What Should I expect on my first appointment?

We have an entire team of ‘Angel Maids’ dedicated to serving you. Each team usually has 2-3 members. A team Representative does a walk through the space at the beginning and at the end of the cleaning to ensure you’re entirely satisfied. Each home usually takes between 2-3 hours depending on the job. We bring all the supplies so you don’t have to worry about anything. The supplies are safe, organic, so ideal if you have small children or pets.

Do you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

Yes we do! If you’re not happy for any reason with the cleaning we provide then give us a call and we’ll come back and redo it until you’re satisfied at no extra charge. We don’t rest until you’re completely happy. If you look at Yelp you’ll see we have more 5-star reviews than any other cleaning company. That is because we always take care of our customers with love.

What areas do you service?

We service Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Do you do commercial and residential?

We sure do. We are known for our home cleaning but we also do commercial, so if your office needs cleaning then give us a call. If you’re a realtor and you need to get a property presentable quickly then we can save you time and energy with a cleaning service.

How much does cleaning cost?

It really depends on how big the space is and what needs to be cleaned. For an estimate give us a call at 604-475-5683.

Should I clean before I hire a cleaning service?

That’s up to you. It is certainly helpful and will cut the cost and time of the cleaning service if you do as much cleaning as possible before we show up. We recognize that there are probably some stains you can’t get out without professional products but we recommend you do the basics such as vacuuming, dusting, and putting a few things in the right places.

Do I need to be home during my cleaning?

You can come and go as you please as long as we make arrangements beforehand. You can either provide us with a key or notify us about a hidden one. If you have an alarm system, you’ll need to provide us with a code if you’re not home. We will make sure everything is secure before leaving and lock the door when we exit.

What if somebody is injured while in my house?

Unlike some other companies, we are 100% insured so you’ll be covered in the extremely unlikely incident that somebody is injured.

Does it make financial sense to hire a cleaning service?

If you’ve wondered if it makes financial sense to hire a cleaner, then consider all the other things you could be doing. You might not have considered it but you could be losing money by cleaning yourself. Consider everything you do is either making you money or costing you money. If you make $60 an hour and you spend five hours cleaning you’ve essentially spent $300. Could you be spending your time more efficiently? Definitely!

Having a clean home is important. It often helps people relax and stay organized. It can also provide a refuge from work and all the chaotic events happening outside of your home. By hiring a cleaning service you can focus on what matters to you.

How to choose a cleaning service?

Deciding on how to hire a cleaning service is very personal and can be like choosing a doctor or dentist. Having strangers enter your house and clean can seem like an invasion of privacy. You don’t want to just invite anybody in. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for recommendations. You want to gather as much information as possible so research online until you feel comfortable with your decision. Look at the online reviews to see who was satisfied with the service. Start with a Google search. The main one is Yelp which uses a star rating so you can find what people think in a glance and it can help you narrow down your search.

Consider if you want to hire an individual or a company. Larger companies usually have more flexibility than a single person. If the person becomes sick then there is no backup. A company comes with a team which means they can usually accommodate you better, especially if you need cleaning done fast.

Once you have a couple companies in mind, call them and ask them questions that are important to you. Find out what chemicals they use, or how much insurance they have, or their policies if you’re not happy with the service. You should factor in cost but customer service is also very important. You don’t want the process to be a huge headache for you and if a company has bad customer service, you might just end up redoing the cleaning job anyways.

Once you’ve spoken with them, hopefully you’ll be able to come to a decision that works for you.

Are your cleaning chemicals safe?

All our cleaning products are professional-grade, organic, and biodegradable so they are completely safe for your family. You don’t have to worry, especially if you have a pet or a small child. With other cleaners use toxic products that can be extremely harmful if inhaled or touched and cause skin irritation burns, and respiratory irritation. The most dangerous products are toilet bowel and drain cleaners which can be toxic if ingested, touched or inhaled. In 2000, in the United States, cleaning producers were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposure reported to the U.S. Poison Control Centers. Over half of them involved children under six. It’s important for cleaning companies to have safe products!

Cheap cleaning products can also have long-term health effects such as cancer or hormone disruption. A lot of other cleaners are also harmful to water quality, fish, and other wildlife. In an American study, the U.S. Geological Survey found detergent in 69% of the streams tested.

If you’re concerned about the environment and you want to protect your family from harmful chemicals, then give us a call. Our products are 100% safe and are broken down naturally harmlessly by microorganisms.

Are pets a problem?

At CWL, we love pets! All our staff will treat your animals with the upmost respect they deserve. All our cleaning products are pet friendly and our staff are specially trained to deal with all types of animals. Unlike a lot of other cleaning companies, we understand pet owners need special cleaning services and attention to detail. Pets are a part of your family, so don’t let the mess and pet odors stand in the way of you enjoying them.

Staying on top of the stains, the accidents, the hair, and the muddy footprints can seem like a daunting task. With our advanced machines and products, will get ride of pet odor and hair in no time.

Will a cleaning service help with my allergies or asthma?

It’s estimated that over 3 million Canadians suffer from asthma and 10 million Canadians suffer from allergies. If you suffer from either, it may be because of the dust, bacteria or mould in your home. By cleaning air ducts and other areas of dust buildup such as carpets, windows, and blinds, you can greatly reduce your asthma and allergies. Professional cleaning can also greatly reduce the indoor environmental triggers that cause your reactions.

Can I request a specific cleaning time?

We will do the best to be accommodating and flexible. If you give us enough notice, we are usually able to honour any requests you have. If we are booked during your preferred time and we have a cancellation, we will give you a call.

Is it okay to tip my Angel Maids?

Absolutely! If you’re happy with how the Angel Maids cleaned your home or office then they will gladly accept tips.

Do you offer gift certificates?

What is a better gift than a clean home? Your home is your sanctuary and it’s important to keep it clean and tidy. They make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, or Christmas.

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