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Our Eco-Friendly Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning With Love’s Platinum Standards

Cleaning With Love’s 5 star standards make up of values and principles that are the pillars in our organization’s behaviours.

Work Philosophy

Servant Leadership:

  • Lead by example
  • Take initiative with a keen eye
  • Give, with no expectation to receive
  • Don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution
  • Put the wellbeing of your employment organization above yourself
  • Go above and beyond to exceed expectations and goals; then, set higher ones


  • We continually evolve our thinking by keeping up-to-date with (but not necessarily accepting) new systems and technologies
  • We embrace change when called for
  • We encourage outside the box thinking, resourcefulness and open-mindedness
  • We thrive in diversity by learning how to work with employees and clients of all cultures, beliefs and walks of life

Client Experience

We pledge to deliver a luxurious experience!

  • A convenient booking experience that takes your headaches and worry away, that communicates care, warmth and trust
  • 5 star service experience that pampers your home, creates relaxation for you resting in an orderly, hygienic, sweet-aired space


  • We are cleaning angels and gentlemen technicians serving you as you are the king and queen of your home
  • We pledge to serve our clients with the most warm, graceful demeanor, to promote peace and uplift the spirit of love in their home
  • We anticipate and fulfill the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients

4 Steps of Service

1. A warm phone call prior to arriving

2. A big smile when we arrive - using client’s name

3. A beginning and final walk through to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients needs

4. A warm, sincere farewell - using the client’s name

Work Values

  • Quality: We are dedicated to create a loving ambience and 5 star experience for all our clients
  • Communication: Build a strong, respectable, trusting-building open communication line with our clients, teammates and management
  • Customer Service: We aim to please, to go above and beyond, to fulfill the unexpressed wishes of our clients
  • Love: We are fun-loving, warm-hearted people that believe we can create more love in your home and in the world
  • Accountability: We are fully responsible by not pointing fingers outside, rather by looking in the mirror and owning our problems, therefore resolving client queries quickly
  • Adaptability: We embrace the possibilities to grow by keeping an open ear and unbiased opinion
  • Image: We are clean, tidy and professional in appearance, keeping good image when in uniform, at all times, using professional language and posture
  • Attitude: We at CWL expect positive, team-building verbal and body language from each other. Great attitude and nothing less
  • Loyalty: We honour and respect the loyalty of our clients and we are focused on the development of our employees’ satisfaction
  • Trust: We take trust very serious: we promise to protect your most prized tangible and intangible assets with care. We protect the security and privacy of our clients, employees and CWL confidential information