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Commercial, Office & Residential Disinfection and Antiviral Sanitisation

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Professional surface and air sterilization using fog technology and virucidal agents

Rapid inactivation of COVID 19 and SARS-like coronaviruses. We disinfect indoor and outdoor areas potentially contaminated with viruses and spore-forming bacteria.

Are you looking for sanitizing service before opening business or moving out? We can help you with one time and weekly disinfecting to keep your space at utmost safe standards. ​

Our services effectively disinfect facilities such as vehicles, warehouses, public facilities, schools, buildings common areas, and airports against coronaviruses and other pathogenic organisms.

We deploy our disinfection / decontamination services by foam, spray, ULV fog machines or wipe down.

We use aqueous-based disinfectant that can rapidly remove viruses in under one minute upon deployment on a variety of materials and surfaces. We use a mixture of natural disinfectants (safe for pregnant moms, food areas, breathing), surfactants, mild solvents, inorganic salts, a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (~3.5%), a hydrogen peroxide activator, and water. The surfactants soften the cell walls of pathogens which allows the activated peroxide to penetrate to the interior for complete kill. This unique combination of mild ingredients works synergistically to kill persistent biological pathogens which has been demonstrated in testing at numerous government and private facilities and in many field applications – outperforming formulations that contain much harsher chemicals.

Recent laboratory testing at the US EPA have demonstrated that hydrogen peroxide, a formula we use, has a high efficacy against pathogens of concern to human health, and in agriculture and food processing such as Coronaviruses, Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella, the African Swine Fever virus, the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, Salmonella and E. coli biofilms, Avian Influenza, and Bacillus spores. We can effectively inactivate coronaviruses. 

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One Time Precautionary Cleans

Coronavirus Task Teams will provide a full Precautionary Antiviral Sanitization Service. This service can be ordered on a sporadic basis based on need, usually for centres with irregular flow of people, sometimes high volume, sometimes no volume of people.

Gaining the confidence of your employees in these testing times is vital.

Regular germ control can help keep staff healthy, reduce germs by 99.9999% and also help promote your brand as a proactive forward-thinking business.

Our Sanitising Cleaning includes sanitising to all touchpoints, surfaces, IT equipment, floors and is tailored to your exact site requirements.

Daily Cleans

Coronavirus Task teams will carry out daily, 6 hourly or even hourly germ removal from bespoke areas within your premises.

We can provide this service for busy centres where they require the highest possible level of germ control at the hourly and daily basis. Not every business can operate with staff working remotely and the loss of business and productivity is huge. By investing in providing your workforce with a healthy environment you can retain the confidence and respect from the people that matter, your staff.

We will tailor our schedule to your exact requirements and can work to ensure IT equipment is sanitised during lunch breaks. Our teams discreetly and quietly work in the background around your employees' working space.

Fogging Service (All-Natural)

We use fogging machines that atomize disinfectants safely into fine mist (fog). A fogger evenly mists to saturate the air in the enclosed environment, and evenly coat all surfaces.The mist are droplets that we can adjust in size, between 5-50 microns. Once the fog comes into contact with bacteria or viruses either in the air or on surfaces, pathogens are quickly killed or inactivated reducing the risk of infections to people in the area. Our spray distances go up to 10 metres at an angle of up to 80°, therefore entire rooms can be treated rapidly in under 30 seconds. 

We treat outdoor, indoor and enclosed environments: large areas, small areas and inaccessible spaces. 

Services can be carried out during or after business hours.

We provide "loop service" for large properties, for example. Once we complete all rooms of the building, we provide service again every hour/2 hrs/3hrs, as needed throughout the entire day.

Fleet and Transportation Service​

​For disinfecting essential transit, we can be in and out of each vehicle efficiently.

We provide 24/7 servicing and mist safe disinfectants into air and touchpoints that take up to 15 minutes to settle.

The mist does not damage buttons or electronics and are safe on all surfaces and material.

For fleets with vehicles parked across all areas of the city, we provide mobile service with options to add-on inventory audit and regular cleaning.

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We can tailor your sanitisation to your exact requirements working out of hours to not disrupt your business
Our fogging service is an add on to our germ control, during your site consultation we can discuss the benefits of this for your space
Our teams are fully supervised for every clean. Every detail is worked out before we are on-site to carry out our sanitisation service
“Our Antiviral Sanitisation Services provide a professional germ control service that will provide you peace of mind that your business is one step ahead of your competition”