Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Whistler

Service Terms

To ensure your service runs at utmost smoothness, with our team being punctual, efficient, and well prepared, we have developed some key terms to operate by.

Supplies We furnish all supplies: HEPA filter vacuums, mops, organic sprays, clean cloths and brand new sponges.

Arrival Windows In consideration of traffic, weather conditions, clients adding services, and lockouts, please allow a window of at least 2 hours from your scheduled appointment time. For your convenience: if you cannot be at home, providing a key or entry code access is easiest.

Minimum Call Out Fee We charge minimum call out fee of $150 plus GST for all one-time services.

Payment For your convenience, we accept cash, e-transfer and major credit cards. First time or one time bookings require a full prepayment on a major credit card. Recurring service payment is due upon completion of each service. A finance charge of 2% per month (24% annually) will be charged on all past due balances. A $25 fee is applied to all NSF or declined checks.

Circumstantial Fees If you require a cancellation, rescheduling of your service, we kindly ask you contact us 2 business days before your booking. Should this not be met, up to 100% fee of the service fee in respecting our meticulous scheduling efforts, reserving a crew of workers for you, paying them for their booked time regardless. A client not home when we arrive is considered a cancellation. Rescheduling administration fee is $10. Waiting time will be charged as cleaning time on top of cleaning quote. Should a client commit to a regular schedule (at a discounted rate to the initial deeper cleaning), opting to skip 4 weeks or more requires that the immediate postponed cleaning have a longer time or charged price of initial cleaning. The client is expected to provide a parking spot if public parking is not available; otherwise the parking fee will be included in addition to the cleaning service.

Special Requests

Heavy lifting: If you require us to clean behind a fridge, shelf or heavy furniture, please pull it out for us in advance, because we don’t want to scratch your floor (and reduce injury).
Dishes: A reminder we don’t put away dishes, because we don’t want to stack things in a way that you would not (and to reduce risk of breakage)
Linens: If you requested Special Request “bed linens changed,” please leave the clean sheets ON each designated bed.
Walls: Entire washing of walls / floors by hand is beyond our regular scope of vacuuming and spot cleaning. Please request this as a Special Request during initial booking.

To Ensure Reasonable, Respectful and Safe Work Conditions when booking our service, you understand our “what we do not clean or do” list:
• Mold
• Dead Animals
• Large area droppings of excrement
• Blood
• Flood Damage
• Soot or fire damage
• Drugs
• Guns
• Grout (upon request)
• Chandeliers or antique lights (upon request)
• organize, sort or shred papers and documents

We hold the right to reject your job when there is:
Dishonesty… if we deem the level of labour is beyond the Work Order you confirmed during booking (example: you said 2 bed 2 bath, but upon arrival, it is 4 bed 4 bath!)
Safety hazard… your property has any of the above items that “we do not clean”
Reasonable cleaning condition… your property has obviously not been maintained, has been abused for years as in this sample photo.
Abuse… the client or representative of the client verbally abuses our staff
Harassment… the client or representative of the client harasses our staff with eg. lewd actions, or, by following, watching behind their back, micromanaging their work etc. Such behaviour stresses people out and guarantees low service performance and end result
Elevator down… your condo high rise elevators are shut down. We cannot carry our equipment up and down more than 4 levels of stairs

We hate to find ourselves in such unpleasant circumstances for both parties, but upon a rejection of job, we do charge 100% of the service fee.

Client Happiness Policy To ensure your satisfaction of your initial service: Upon arrival, we require clients to do a free 5 minute Walk Through going over your Work Order. Upon completion, we require clients to complete a free 5 minute Peace of Mind Walk Through and sign off upon satisfaction.

Due to the subjective nature of the cleaning industry, we do not offer refunds.

Complaint Validity Period: All cleaning is final 24 hours after completion. Client’s are required to give another team a chance to fix all complaints before reviews are posted to public media.

Non-Solicitation of Staff As a client, you agree not to hire any present or past staff of Cleaning With Love for any home-related service outside of your service purchases with Cleaning With Love. If you hire our cleaning staff to work privately, you must pay $5000 to our company.

Confidentiality and Security As our client, we respect your privacy and dignity. We keep your information confidential and keys securely stored. As well, all documents, staff information, communication (verbal/written/media) etc. are property of Cleaning With Love. Please do not disclose to public outside of your service.

As a valued client, we thank you in advance for your understanding and respect for these policies. Your cooperation will ensure your experience with our Cleaning Angels to be on the up and up!