Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Whistler

Terms of Service Agreement

To ensure your service runs at utmost smoothness, with our team being punctual, efficient, and well prepared, we have developed some key terms to operate by.

1. There is no term to this agreement between you, the client and Cleaning With Love® in Vancouver BC, a company trademarked in North America. You may cancel your cleaning service at any time. Cleaning With Love also reserves the right to cancel the service provided at any time.

2. INSURANCE: Cleaning With Love holds a 5 million liability insurance and maintains a WorkSafeBC injury policy for our team members.

3. CONDUCT: Please respect workers. They are providing a valuable health service to maintain hygiene of properties. Canada has a severe shortage of health services. Service providers are essential to the healthy function of our society. Your service providers are human beings, and they respond exponentially to kindness. Our team members should be respectful, not smoke, eat or drink, while in your property, nor do they watch TV. Their only purpose while in your home is to fulfill the agreed cleaning service. If your job takes a full day, then please prepare an eating space for the team to take their lunch break.

4. SAFETY, HEALTH & WORK CONDITIONS: As your property is our worksite, BC work standards requires you to provide team members a reasonably safe and comfortable space to work (eg. heating in the winter, lights, washroom with hand soap and toilet paper.). We only service nonsmoking properties. You must have a hot water source for us to clean properly. If you live in a high-rise building, your elevator should be working for us to transport cleaning supplies. As we do not work at your property everyday, we are less familiar with our work surroundings. Please do not leave tripping hazards for us. Please put away sharp objects. Before we come, please pickup clothing/garbage off the floor (as we do not decide what is or is not garbage.) If you have a viral infection (such as flu or COVID-19), please wear a face mask if you need to speak to our team onsite. We do not wish to spread illness to elderly clients. Please be considerate to open your windows for fresh air before our arrival….

5. OFFICE HOURS: Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, closed Stat Holidays and Weekends. After hours, a voicemail can be left and we will return it on the next business day.

6. STATUTORY HOLIDAYS: Although our Client Support Team observes and closes for BC Stat Holidays, we employ full time, part time and seasonal staff. Therefore, services are provided almost 24/7, 365 days of the year. Should your recurring cleaning fall on Stat Holidays, we will email you a few days before to confirm if we can keep or bump your cleaning. If you wish to cancel/reschedule a Stat Holiday service, we require minimum 48 hours (2 calendar days) notice by email to [email protected] (no voicemails or texts).

7. ARRIVAL WINDOW: This is defined as window of arrival. Example: If your arrival window is between 8am and 11am, it means we will arrive anytime in that 3 hour period. It does not mean we start at 8am and finish at 11am. Cleanings are scheduled in an order that requires the least amount of drive time for each team. This means the exact time of your cleaning may differ each time. For recurring bookings, you can also permanently set your arrival window.


  • Cleaning Time Calculation: You are billed according to your first “Work Order Confirmation” (or Booking Confirmation/Order Confirmation) emailed to you before your first service.
  • Definition of Bill-By-Minute: This is the default and most popular choice when booking. You are billed the exact time teams spend onsite, from arrival to departure. Eg. If a team of 3 people arrived 1pm and departed 3:15pm, you are billed 6 h 45 min (6.75 man-hours).
  • Definition of Bill-By-Limit: You are billed for the time limit you requested, and your team STOPS and departs from worksite regardless if there is more work to do. Eg. For a 3 man-hour budget, if the team arrived 1pm, they must depart 2pm. You are billed 3 man-hours.
  • Net Term: Payment is due in full upon completion of cleaning.
  • Payment methods: We accept credit card, EFT or E-transfer. We do not accept cheques, except for commercial clients with bookings over $50,000.00 CAD per annum.
  • Deposit: 50% deposit is required for one time / sporadic bookings. (It is fully refundable when you cancel 48 hours or more before your booking.)
  • Credit Cards: When you provide us your credit card information, you allow us to process your account balance upon completion of service. Your card information is securely stored on an encrypted server.
  • Refunds: Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we do not offer refunds/discounts to clients. If you are not happy with any items on our scope, we will come back and re‐clean free of charge.
  • Bounced checks: Checks returned for non‐payment, (insufficient funds, closed account, etc.) will be charged a $45 bank NSF fee in addition to making good on the payment for services.

9. LATE CANCELLATION FEE (INCLUDES COVID-RELATED CANCELLATION): If it is necessary for you to re-schedule, cancel or skip your cleaning booking, we require minimum 48 hours (2 calendar days) notice by email to [email protected] (no voicemails or texts). Otherwise, you agree to pay a late Cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of your booking. (Eg. If you booked a service worth $200, you pay $100.) This fee applies to ALL circumstances — including elevator locks, power outages, COVID-19 symptoms, illness and family emergencies.

10. LOCKOUT FEE: Rare instances happen where the team arrives on time but waits for the client to open. (Sometimes clients need to handle emergencies or simply forget, sleep in or are delayed in a meeting…) You agree to pay a lock out fee for the waiting period before you open the door. This is calculated by number of team members x waiting time x your man-hour rate. Your team leader records these wait times and it is billed to your next invoice.

When you skip a recurring booking on short notice or lock out the team, team members are paid wait time. It also delays other clients in our schedule, affects client satisfaction and team morale. Life brings surprises. To avoid lockouts, we offer secure storage of your key at our office. Your cleaning angel picks up your key before each shift, and returns it to lockbox after each service.

11. TIPPING: We are grateful for delighted clients gifting $5.00-100.00 at services, and this is immensely appreciated but NOT required. Cash tips can be left for your team in an envelope marked “Cleaning With Love.” Credit card tips can be requested via email to [email protected] Unless you request otherwise, tips are divided evenly to team members on their next payday.

12. CLEANING FEE/RATE INCREASES: Every 1-2 years, rates may increase due to rise in annual inflation, global supply chain shortages, BC labour shortages, annual employee raises. This is standard not only in the cleaning industry, but across all sectors globally. Fees may also change when you change the scope of your Work Order, or move to a new property. Should the occasion arise, you will be emailed a new proposal. When you agree, you will be emailed a new Work Order Confirmation with the new fee.


  • We provide all cleaning equipment/supplies, including a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, commercial flat-head microfibre mop, colour-coded cleaning towels, cleaning solutions and a fresh set of tools.
  • We cannot use your equipment or chemicals for liability reasons.
  • You agree to provide a toilet brush beside each toilet. If the client’s brush is unavailable or not fit for use, CWL will provide a new one for $5.00, which will be billed to the service day’s invoice.

14. KEYS: Please make sure your home is accessible to us. Please leave a key to your home in a secure, agreed upon location the day of the cleaning. Should you not be able to meet the team, we also provide permanent spare key storage at our office for your convenience.

15. SECURITY ALARMS: If your home is equipped with a security system, please insure that it is in the “OFF” position or inform our office of the codes before service. Be sure to notify our office if this code changes.

16. EXTRA WORK / ADD-ONs: Email us in advance for special requests, eg:

  • Post construction cleaning
  • Inside cupboards
  • Inside fridge
  • Inside oven
  • Inside windows
  • Wipe venetian blinds
  • Baseboard/door/wall marks
  • Balcony – windows + railing dusting + sweeping
  • Laundry – complete laundry onsite/offsite
  • Linens – change bed linens
  • Garbage runs – sort garbage, break cardboard, shred paper

…so that we can schedule the time needed to complete these extra tasks. You are billed the extra time.

17. ITEMS WE CANNOT CLEAN/DO: Team members leave certain items untouched, such as personal items, sentimental displays, jewelry boxes, makeup, electronics, shower toiletries, art or areas containing any body fluids or excretions. We only clean around these areas. Seasonal insect infestation can also be a problem and may prevent us from completely cleaning your home. If ants, termites, roaches, fleas, etc., are encountered, we will not clean or vacuum the area. We will leave you a note, or call you regarding the problem. We do not clean inside curio cabinets. If you have other items you prefer we not clean or handle, please call the office and we will arrange to avoid those items. Employees cannot climb higher than a three-step ladder, work on the outside of your home (except sweeping condo patio), move furniture that contains electronics, lift any objects over 20 pounds, prepare meals, provide any pet or children-related services, or empty diaper pails.


  • Damage or Odour from smoking / Ozone treatment / Filtration Services
  • General Odour from eg. indoor urine, mold, unwashed dishes with fruit flies
  • Change Light Bulbs
  • Pest Droppings
  • Pickup poop (human or animal) except scoop cat litter from the litter box
  • Balcony: awning washing/moss removal/concrete and tile washing
  • Barn
  • Clogged Toilets and Bathtubs
  • Vomit Inside Homes
  • Biohazards
  • Sexual Fluids / Ejaculate / Sex Toys
  • Cobwebs or dusting above 9 foot ceilings
  • Curtains or cotton window coverings
  • Fireplace
  • Fire/Flood Damage
  • Hanging Light Fixtures
  • HVAC/Inside Vents and Heaters
  • Mold and Mildew (please call us for a mold remediation specialist)
  • Organize, sort or shred papers and documents
  • Outside Windows (except patio sliding doors)
  • Aged Window Frames
  • Tile Grout (shower grout is cleaned, though discolouration of silicone is permanent)

18. CLUTTER and GARBAGE: Your cleaning will be far more satisfactory if the team does not have a great deal of clutter to contend with. Desks that have a large amount of paperwork for instance may not be cleaned. We do not organize papers. We do not throw out anything that is not already in a garbage bin, as we do not assume what is garbage!

If we do not have an elevator fob: For condos that have garbage in P1, we do not take it down to the garbage room, as they could take exponential time, especially with moving wait times. We leave your garbage bag sealed at your front door.

For single-family homes, we can bring garbage to the garage bins.

19. PETS and PLANTS:

  • Plants: we do not water plants or move pots when vacuuming. Avoid putting plants on window sills or places where pots can fall.
  • Pets: our team members appreciate when pets are secured and that you pick up after them before service.
  • If your pets are running around free during cleaning, we are not responsible for dirty footprints or fallen pet hair after we mop.
  • We are not responsible for locking pets in or escaping pets.
  • For dogs who do not stop barking, please take them out of home before service. Staff cannot work properly with distractions. Many are afraid of dogs barking.
  • We do not clean/pickup urine/feces from the floor.
  • For cats, we only scoop litter boxes (not litter box changing).

20. QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our quality control processes consist of making home inspections (Quality Checks) and phone calls. An inspector may enter your home during your service at any time to ensure standards are being followed. They may call you at home or work. We believe that Quality Checks and client communication is the best way to exceed your expectations and to improve our high standards. You may also receive a satisfaction survey, and your honest feedback is appreciated.

21. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We guarantee all cleaning work within the scope of your Work Order Confirmation (emailed to you before service).

For one time bookings, we highly recommend being onsite in the beginning and end of service in order to communicate your expectations, for us to address issues immediately before our departure.

If there is a problem or if you are unable to attend your final walk through, EMAIL [email protected] before 11am the day following your cleaning, (11am Monday for Friday/Saturday/Sunday cleanings) and we will make every effort to address your concern. (FEEDBACK & DAMAGE REPORTS provided by Cleaning With Love are also appreciated as an alternative to email.)

We can return onsite to fix the missed/dissatisfactory area(s). You understand that Cleaning With Love does not refund any portion of your cleaning fee.

In the event you booked an “Itemized” or “bill-by-limit” service (meaning you pay for the time limit you requested, and your team leaves the worksite regardless if there is more work to do), we are not responsible for unsatisfied or missed areas.

22. ACCIDENTS & DAMAGE POLICY: If you have valuables or delicate items, etc., it would be helpful if they would be put away to avoid damages. Regrettably, although not common, something may be broken. Our personnel are instructed to call our office at once if ANYTHING is broken, and to leave you a note advising you of the accident.

Our client support team aims to resolve all matters promptly. Each case is unique, and we have consistently provided satisfactory solutions in light of accidents. Please report suspected damages within 24 hours of service completion via email to [email protected] After we receive all relevant info, your case will be investigated by our Quality Assurance manager. In the event an item is confirmed damaged or broken by CWL, we reserve the option to repair or replace the item. If that is not possible, a monetary reimbursement at the current value can be offered. A dollar value of “one-of-a-kind” items destroyed must be demonstrated in order that a settlement may be determined. Any major damages may require third-party assessment by trades or insurance.

Damages we do not cover include, but are not limited to: broken furniture, scratched surfaces (like stainless appliance fronts), defects in property construction/design/trimmings, air conditioning wiring, baby items, bird baths, bird houses, chairs, concrete, dog beds, delicate fur or older carpet/rug/mats that might be loose with fringes, drainage, fences, fence posts, flower boxes, holiday décor, path lighting, , play sets and toys, pottery, outdoor curtains, stone pathways, unprotected trees, trampolines, plastic pools or other swimming pools, windows, exposed cables/wires, sprinkler components/lines normally found below the surface of the lawn. We are not responsible for fallen/broken wall hangings attached with anything other than “real” picture hooks. No straight pins, thread, etc. If we are required to move objects to service your property, such as furniture, appliances, toys, clothing, we will not be responsible for damage caused by moving the object from where we need to provide service.

23. NON-SOLICITATION OF TEAM MEMBERS: All our team members have signed a Non-Compete agreement with Cleaning With Love. They are prohibited from soliciting business from any client on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their contract with Cleaning With Love or for 2 years following termination of contract, without written approval from Cleaning With Love and a possible placement fee of $2,500.00. You agree to not hire team members of Cleaning With Love for a period of not less than 2 years from the date the team members last worked for Cleaning With Love. A great deal of time and resources are put into recruiting, training and grooming cleaning angels. In the event you feel you must hire a team member of Cleaning With Love in spite of this agreement, then a $5,000.00 CAD placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/present team members, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis.

24. JURISDICTION: This Agreement will be governed by the laws of British Columbia. The Parties agree that the courts of the Province of British Columbia will have exclusive jurisdiction in regard to any dispute relating to any matters that are subject to this Agreement.

As a valued client, we thank you in advance for your understanding and respect for these policies. Your support and honest feedback will elevate your experience with your Cleaning Angels!