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Professional Packing Services

Dreaming of a packing genie? How to make your boxes disappear? Feel like you need an assistant?

We are inventory packing specialists for any size project during move, emergency and disaster.

From consulting to planning, box delivery to packing, sorting, cleaning, folding, counting, labelling, unpacking to organizing - WE LIVE AND BREATHE "ORGANIZE!"

Try Our Move Packing and Contents Pack-Out Services Today...

For renovators, movers, business moves, realtors and restoration projects. If you have a headache to find the time or courage to pack up and unpack your home or business, we send you expert packing angels at short notice. 

We provide all packing materials and labour at fair prices, so that you can save time doing what matters to you most and what you love! Because we love packing and got it down to an art.

Our packing systems vary for short-distance,  long-distance moves, long-term storage and restoration. ​

We send teams of 2-6 packers so that any move can be carefully and efficiently packed in less than one day!​

Your role in the pack-out process:

  1. Sign our Work Order authorization form.
  2. Walk through your property and identify your immediate need items such as emergency clothing, etc. Some of these may need to be cleaned quickly for your use.
  3. Identify items to keep in your possession (personal valuables, medications, jewelry, etc.).
  4. Assist with “restore or replace” decisions, especially regarding family heirlooms and sentimental items.
  5. Be available on site for pack-out and re-delivery of your possessions.

Our Cleaning With Love Packing Angels will:

  1. Before your packing day, we will send you a checklist to help you plan your items delegation.
  2. Coordinate activities with your realtor, landlord, assistant, family, movers or insurance claims representative.
  3. Our Team Leader will call you half hour ahead of arrival. 
  4. Upon arrival, we will walk through your property with you and setup a corner with packing materials.
  5. Separate items that will not be packed and moved, including items that will not be restored. We color-code your boxes by room, fragility, destination.
  6. Take an inventory list and upload photos to a cloud.
  7. Coordinate with movers to transport your belongings to your next destination or secure facility. 
  8. Provide regular updates on stages of transportation, restoration, cleaning, re-packing and storage.
  9. Arrange for delivery of your belongings at your final destination or once restoration is ready for return.
  10. Unpack your boxes, place them back to desired location, organize them, conduct final dusting and inventory count with you.