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How to create a welcoming and immaculate office that leads to productivity…

As an employer, do you believe health and wellbeing at work leads to greater productivity?

How important is the maintenance of a clean office?

A routinely cleaned workspace greatly improves the health and well-being of employees by reducing the spread of germs and allergens.

It makes the first impression of your business brand! It improves the overall appearance especially in the reception, storefront or building lobby, which can be beneficial for impressing clients and customers.

Studies have shown clean and organized office increases creativity and productivity, reducing stress levels among employees.

Maintaining cleanliness in your property can help prolong the lifespan of office equipment and furniture.

What are best practices in maintaining corporate facilities?

Corporate offices typically maintain their workspace cleanliness by implementing a regular cleaning schedule according to operating days, which are usually Monday-Fridays, skipping Stat Holidays in BC. This can include daily tasks to tackle high touchpoints and high traffic…such as vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms, as well as weekly or monthly tasks such as deep cleaning carpets and windows.

Some offices may hire professional cleaning companies to handle their cleaning needs, while others may have in-house cleaning captains. This is helpful for hourly dishwasher emptying and snack center re-stocking.

Additionally, corporate offices can encourage employees to keep their own workspaces clean and organized, and to dispose of waste properly. They can also establish policies and procedures for maintaining cleanliness, such as a “no eating at desks” rule or a clean as you go” policy.

It’s also common for large offices to use cleaning products specifically designed for commercial use, which are more effective in removing dirt, grime, and germs. Many of these products are specially formulated to be safe for use in an office environment, and are often available in bulk.

Implementing technology for cleaning and maintenance can also help in keeping the office clean. For example, using robotic vacuum cleaners, UV-C sanitizers, automatic dispensers of hand sanitizers, etc.

How do small businesses fulfill office cleaning needs on a lean budget?

Small businesses may maintain their office cleanliness in a similar way to corporate offices. They may establish a regular (but less frequent) cleaning schedule and hire professional cleaning companies. Hiring companies are still more efficient than having employees clean, where employee skills are better used on work that generates revenue for the small business team. It is still caring of employers to encourage employees to keep their own workspaces clean and organized, and to dispose of waste properly. A Research Gate study shows these tiny but powerful habits lift moods immediately, increasing accuracy at work!

To stick to a lean budget, growing startups can implement great team building exercises of having everyone pitch in to do a deep clean of their workstations, inside their drawers, organize paper and digital files on a monthly basis. Such bonding events can be gamified. These small victories strengthen team workmanship and build positive team memories.

Afterwards, small business can invite a cleaning company to do the heavier deep clean, such as restroom disinfecting using Health Canada approved standards, vacuuming in the corners, washing inside team fridges and waste bins…

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