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Dai M. Vancouver, Canada

After researching some home cleaning options, I stumbled across Cleaning With Love’s Yelp reviews. I have to say I’m at times somewhat skeptical when I see such an overflowing amount of positive, raving reviews… but being a fan of Yelp, I put my faith in the peer review system. And wow! Am I glad I did. Don’t waste your time researching home cleaning options – just book Cleaning With Love and you’ll never consider another option again.

Anyway, ‘happy cleaning’ is now my motto… only because I don’t have to do it myself. lol.

Best Regards,
Dai “Moose” Manuel

Martina M. Vancouver, Canada

My husband and I recently became home owners, and between dealing with unpacking the new house and with both of us working full time, we didn’t have time to clean our old apartment. Our landlord wanted us to have the rugs professionally cleaned, and gave us a huge checklist of things to be cleaned. Therefore, I needed a cleaning company that covered everything on the list. I obtained quotes from many different cleaning companies, but the best quote came from Cleaning With Love.

I originally booked the cleaning, who is very friendly and outgoing. I was able to book the entire move-out clean (+ carpets) for a Wednesday morning. She gave me an arrival window between 9 AM and noon, which was easy for me to work with. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be home for the entire duration, but Cleaning with Love was okay with me leaving the keys in an envelope on the back door (our apartment was completely empty anyways).

Three cleaners arrived at 9:20 AM, and immediately got to work. They brought all of their own supplies, so I didn’t have to worry about providing anything. I had scheduled a few appointments that morning since I didn’t want to be in the way. The cleaners were completely finished around noon, and were willing to wait for me to get back from my appointment for the walk through (they were way faster than I expected!).

I was very impressed with the job they did. The carpets looked fantastic. They were able to make our old fridge and stove look brand new again. They also did a good job on the baseboards and windows. There were a few picky things left that I noticed, but I will openly admit that I am very OCD about cleaning. I talked to both James after the cleaning, and while they offered to send the cleaners back at no additional charge, it wasn’t worth the effort. I did really appreciate that offer though, it shows that they take pride in their company and the work their employees do.

The cleaners told me that they were confident I would get my full damage deposit back, and they were right! Our landlord was very happy with the cleaning job they did, which was fantastic for us! Cleaning With Love also sent me a $30 Home Depot gift card to celebrate moving into our first home!

Overall, I would highly recommend Cleaning With Love to my friends, especially if they are looking at getting a move-out clean done.

Jorge P. Vancouver, Canada

I have used Cleaning With Love for personal and business. They have been excellent always. They take the time to hear my requests as well as they suggest always better ways to succeed my expectations. What I love the most is how much they care about what they do, they want to make sure my expectations as a client are more than satisfied.
Thank You Cleaning With Love Team for making my life better and cleaner

Alpheus C. Richmond, Canada

After a less than satisfactory experience with an other cleaning company, it was a pleasure dealing with the professional team at Cleaning with Love. Elizabeth was very accomodating to our time and budget needs and we were pleasantly surprised at how efficiently Ashley and her team was able to make our shared house spotless. My only complain is that it is sometimes difficult to reach them because of how busy they are but that just means they are really good at what they do.

Kawika G. Surrey, Canada

We are expecting baby #3 and wanted to have our carpets cleaned before the little one arrived. We have lived in our town home for years and have never had our carpets professionally cleaned before.

Dealing with Cleaning with Love was extremely easy. They adjusted their schedule so our cleaning could happen before my wife's due date. They arrived on time and did a spectacular job. I would suggest they were a little more pricey than some of the quotes we got but the experience was extremely positive.

What made it all worth it and what ultimately earns them a 5 star review was just as they were finishing up their job my oldest kid had to use the bathroom after playing outside. We didnt realize at the time that were feet were filthy. So just after they had spent 2.5 hours cleaning our carpets (which were of course still wet) we have little dirty footprints all on our newly cleaned carpets.

The technician, Mark, got his stuff back out and totally helped spot clean all the footprints even though this was nothing they had to do.

Colleen C. Vancouver, Canada

Great team. I called to book a fairly urgent carpet and sofa cleaning as my dog was recently ill and it was during the super-hot weather (ug). The owner arranged an appt for the next day and Mark was terrific. He was prompt, polite, and exceptionally thorough. I have never had someone send so much time and care vacuuming first and then cleaning, much more than “just” a steam clean from another company (and well worth the small price difference). I will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks!

Rob W. Vancouver, Canada

Who would have thought that a change in my carpet cleaners could make such a difference. Their friendly and knowledgeable carpet experts did such an amazing job that I will never go use anywhere else. Don’t waste your hard earned money on any other carpet cleaners.

Adam W. North Vancouver, Canada

I have hired Cleaning With Love on many occasions and the end result remains the same – 100% satisfaction.

Running my own company I am very diligent in regards to customer service. Cleaning With Love amaze me every time. They pay extreme attention to detail, are always courteous and professional and never miss a dust bunny!

I 100% recommenced these guys for all of your cleaning needs – both residential and commercial!

Newton S. Port Coquitlam, Canada

I’ve had the pleasure of using Cleaning with Love for some seriously dirty couches at my rental. I was told about the company through a friend and the owner of the company Mark actually came to oversee the work.

They did a amazing job the couches had been destroyed by mice and a couple dogs and I honestly did not think they could be saved. A few hours of work and they smelled great and spotless.

Their rates are reasonable and most importantly they provide really great service. Mark actually called me a couple days later to see if I was still happy with the results. Now that is service.

I will be using them again for sure.

Gerardo B. Delta, Canada

when it comes to carpet cleaning here is the downtown vancouver area, I think they are one of the best to getting the job done well…I got a little restaurant that needed some carpet detailing pronto,and they were great from beginning to end…Doing the walkthroug and coming up with a quote…But what made make a decision is all of the great reviews I’m seeing here…so I give them two thumbs up!

Bonnie S. Vancouver, Canada

Great job! They came with short notice, arrived on time, were friendly and professional. I’d use them again and recommend them to others.

Shila B. Vancouver, Canada

I reached out to them earlier in the week to try and get some office cleaning done. We were just looking for someone to come in during our regular office hours and clean for around an hour.

The lady who came in and did the walk through with us, Lenka was amazing and friendly. I loved her personality which matched our core values and culture that we foster at the company I work for (I am the HR, Book Keeper).

I had quotes done between this company and 3 others. It was narrowed down to this and another company that were both awesome.

The tie breaker was done by my associate.

We went with the other company ’cause they were 6% cheaper on the weekly rate.

If I could take both I would.

Steve L. Vancouver, Canada

Really pleased with these guys. They fit me in for a Saturday clean on short notice, showed up on time and were professional & friendly. A follow up call to see how everything was an unexpected touch.

Oh, and they did a great job cleaning. Fast & thorough. Definitely recommended.

Ken L. Vancouver, Canada

James and his colleague Mark both did an excellent job cleaning the carpets inside my townhouse. They were very friendly, courteous and professional. During my initial phone call with James, I described what the rooms and townhouse were like, and James gave me an approximate time estimate for how long the job would take. His estimate was extremely accurate, and in fact he exceeded it – very efficient! They arrived right on time and didn’t waste a moment in assessing what the place was like and then setting up their equipment. The end result was like the carpets had never been stepped on in the first place; they were like brand new after the cleaning. Thanks again guys! I would highly recommend them to anyone for future cleanings.

Lianne C. Richmond, Canada

On a move in day may 29th. The previous owner left the place so dirty. I called cleaning with love and they were fully booked..I needed the condo cleaned within a few hours…I was calling all over but you can imagine Friday at 3 it seemed hopeless.. I received a call from them an hour later that she’d had a last minute cancellation… The 3 ladies arrived by 430 and did an amazing job in and around moving boxes and a small space. Can’t thank you enough. Already recommended others to this amazing company…. So pleased

Rasheed B. Vancouver, Canada

After helping a friend to move into her Downtown Vancouver condo, we both thought that the carpets could use a good cleaning and why not get some of her upholstery cleaned at the same time.

A friend of mine recommended Cleaning With Love and since I was completely clueless when it comes to carpet cleaning my friend whom just moved in decided to give them a shot.

While they do have a “Book Online” section to their website, she decided it would simply be quicker to pick up the phone and call. She told me that the lady who picked up the phone was polite and knowledgable as to what our cleaning needs were. I wasn’t there for the cleaning yet after visiting her a few days after the carpets looked noticeably cleaner along with a fresh smell to the air. Her few pieces of furniture looked like new too.

Eamonn D. North Vancouver, Canada

Highly recommend Cleaning with Love to anyone looking to get their carpets cleaned. My carpets look great and Mark provided top notch service from booking to delivery!

Sara R.North Vancouver, Canada

I have to say I was worried when I was first looking for a cleaning service for my boy friendsapartment, since I have had no previous experience with a cleaning company, but all those worries were set aside when I saw what a fabulous job these wonderful individuals did. Thank you so very much for the great clean up job and I will be hiring you guys again in the near future and I hope others do the same

Matti R. Vancouver, Canada

Moving is always a hassle and even more so when the movers trample dirt into your carpets in your new house. Cleaning with Love handled the job easily. After the carpet was steam cleaned it was so soft.My toddler had marked up my beige couch with pens & markers and I asked if they could do anything about it. I was skeptic but I thought I should at least ask. I wish I took a before picture because after I was amazed that the couch came out so clean. I would highly recommend them.

Pablo L. Vancouver, Canada

Cleaning with Love takes their business seriously with excellent customer service and results. Next time I will try their carpet cleaning service.

Cory B. Richmond, Canada

Cleaning With Love did an amazing job cleaning my carpets. They pre-treated the stains and much of the carpeting before cleaning the carpets with their powerful machines. For some areas they used a rotary head steam cleaner that removed dirt deep down and revitalized the carpet fibers.

They put in some special attention to very old stains that had been on the carpets from before the previous cleaning. I’m so thrilled they got those old stains out and the carpets look so much better now, almost like new.

Cleaning With Love did a very thorough cleaning job and also finished in far less time than I expected.

I highly recommend Cleaning With Love!

Saundra H. Vancouver, Canada

Can’t say enough about what a positive experience I’ve had with this company! They were recommend to me by Montauk sofa, as I had a really bad, very large cat urine stain on a brand new high end down filled sofa with very delicate upholstery; I honestly thought it was ruined. They got me in right away and showed up with top of the line tools and products. After doing a very thorough cleaning, which I was satisfied with, they said they would like to take it back to the office to make sure the stain and odour was completely gone. They went over and above, at no extra cost, and effectively removed one of the most difficult stains/odours using organic cleaning methods so as not to damage the delicate material. Needless to say my expectations were more than exceeded and I will be highly recommending “Cleaning with Love” to family and friends.

Geoff C. Metrotown Vancouver, Canada

We were looking for a carpet cleaning and maid service cleaning company and were recommended to speak to Cleaning With-Love. What a wonderful experience!! The job was brilliantly done and nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with smiles and laughter. These people seem to love what they do and to do it with heart. The name of their company is perfect for them: Cleaning With-Love.

Scott B. Burnaby, Canada

We’ve recently started working with Judy's team at cleaning With Love. Several of our clients have already used their services (including the Sandpiper out in Harrison Mills) and have contacted us to thank us for the referral. If you need an ongoing cleaning service or carpet cleaning done make sure to contact them. I highly recommend their services to everyone.
Scott Berg
Managing Partner
Trade Exchange Canada

Limor F. Burnaby, Canada

I highly recommend “cleaning with love”. when we moved to our new house, I called them for a move -in cleaning . They sent a crew of 3 great people. They worked with my priorities and didn’t forget all the hidden spots. They moved the big appliances as well. I never hesitate to call them again!


Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided. The apartment looks brand spanking new. I would definitely recommend these guys as the price is right, they have a wonderful customer service and provide that little extra something that one cannot find with other companies.

Douglas A. Vancouver, Canada

I asked Cleaning with Love to come and clean my Mom’s new place. It was a +30 year old apartment building and it was great to have Meila at Cleaning with Love prepare and clean before we moved in. With the pressures of moving, it was great to have a team go in and clean up before we moved in. Now we know it was clean when we moved in. Their service was easy, friendly, and relived a lot of stress.