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Raising Awareness for the Ukraine Crisis

Spread the truth about what is really happening in Ukraine...

On Feb 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. It was unprovoked. The images come from inside Ukraine, a peaceful nation forced to fight for their homes.


5 million Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes to become refugees in Europe, UK and North America.

Russia accounts for 19% of the global wheat export market and Ukraine 9%. Ukraine is also a major corn exporter, accounting for 14% of exports. With the sanctions on Russia and ongoing invasion, farmers will not be able to sow as much, or export through regular channels. Africa especially relies on wheat import, and this will result in millions of starving people in addition to a food shortage that will reach North America. 

​Ongoing supply chain disruptions since 2020 spurred shortages, inflation and price increases on living costs around the world. The war in Ukraine causes even further price increases in food at home in Canada, where the living expenses of the labour force, its majority population, such as Cleaning With Love team members, will increase again.

​We understand how our world is deeply connected, and how the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine is rapidly affecting Canadians half way around the world. Russia's invasion of Ukraine took place when the world economy just started recovery from the pandemic. 

This blog is to share awareness of truths so that more people can understand, and take simple steps to support the truth.

​You can support by raising awareness of the ongoing tragedy, just like Arnold addresses the Russian people.

Apr 27 2022 Reuters read: Palm oil prices, used for essential cooking in Africa, has quickly shot up 30%.

Apr 27 2022 Reuters read: Canada is one of the first countries in the world to call the situation a "genocide."